New Works of Cyano-Collage Series and Wrinkled Texture Series at Taipei Dangdai

Wrinkled Texture 118
Wrinkled Texture 118, 《皴法習作118》  , 2021, 213.5 x 92 cm

Galerie du Monde|Booth A08

VIP Preview May 19, 2022

Public Days  May 20 – 22, 2022

Venue  Taipei World Trade Center  Hall 1

New works of Wu Chi-Tsung’s will be showcased in Taipei Dangdai Art Fair represented by Galerie du Monde. This will be the premiere of the Cyano-Collage Series on aluminum in Taiwan. Speaking of the Wrinkled Texture Series and Cyano-Collage Series that both replace the traditional ink and brush used in Chinese Shan Shui painting with experimental photography, Chi-Tsung once shared that “I started to do Cyanotypes simply because I am not satisfied with digital photography nowadays’, and the process of making the two series ‘really similar to how ink painters do Chinese landscapes: they are constructing a world they want to project themselves inside.”

Cyano-Collage 141
Cyano-Collage 141,《氰山集之一百四十一 》, 2022, 225 x 90 cm


貴賓預展 2022年5月19日

公眾展期  2022年5月20日至22日

會址  台北世貿一館