Wrinkled Texture Series 127 was Donated to Para Site’s Fundraising Auction by Galerie du Monde and Wu Chi-Tsung
吳季璁攜世界畫廊捐贈《皴法習作之一百二十七》支持Para Site藝術空間籌款拍賣會

Wrinkled Texture 127
Wrinkled Texture 127,《皴法習作之一百二十七》,2022, 72 x 88 cm

Para Site’s 2022 Fundraising Auction has come to a fruitful end. Together with Galerie du Monde, Wu Chi-Tsung has donated his Wrinkled Texture 127 to the auction, whose proceeds will directly support our exhibitions, programmes, and educational initiatives. The auction also features artworks by renowned international artists such as John Armleder, Antony Gormley, Qiu Zhijie, and Zhao Gang.

Para Site is Hong Kong’s leading contemporary art centre and one of the oldest and most active independent art institutions in Asia. It produces exhibitions, publications, discursive, and educational projects aimed at forging a critical understanding of local and international phenomena in art and society. 

Wu Chi-Tsung began the Wrinkled Texture series with the intention to reinterpret the traditional texturing method called cun fa in traditional Chinese landscape painting. Instead of using ink and brush, Wuemploys the classical photographic technique cyanotype, to render the textures.

香港Para Site藝術空間的2022年籌款拍賣會於近日圓滿落幕,其中,吳季璁聯手世界畫廊捐贈了《皴法習作之一百二十七》,其拍賣所得將用於支持藝術空間的展覽、公共項目及教育活動。本次拍賣會還展出John Armleder、Antony Gormley、邱志傑、趙剛等國際知名藝術家作品。

Para Site是香港領先的當代藝術中心,亦是亞洲地區歷史最悠久、最活躍的獨立藝術機構之一,致力於推出展覽、出版、研討會與教育項目,提出對本土與國際藝術及社會生態的批判性思考。吳季璁的《皴法習作》系列意在重新詮釋中國傳統水墨畫中的皴法,其中,他使用氰版攝影技術取代筆墨,呈現出山石般的紋理。