Dust 002 At Art Basel Unlimited in Basel, Switzerland

Dust 002

Art Basel Basel, Unlimited Sector
Sean Kelly Gallery Booth U59
VIP Opening June 12, 2023
Public Dates June 15-18, 2023
Venue Messe Basel Messeplatz 10 4058 Basel Switzerland

This week, video installation Dust 002  alongside with new works from the Cyano-Collage Series will be presented at Sean Kelly Gallery’s booth at  Art Basel Unlimited, Art Basel’s pioneering exhibition platform for projects that transcend the classical art fair stand, including large-scale sculptures and paintings, video projections, installations, and live performances.

The Dust was initially created and debuted during Wu Chi-Tsung’s residency at in 2006, which marked his first solo exhibition in an art institution in the United Kindoms. Since then, the work has been exhibited in Germany, Luxembourg and the U.S.. It features a real-time streaming of the reflection of the circulation of dust particles moving in the room. As viewers progress through the space, disrupting the flow of air, the images of flickering dust change constantly and instantaneously creating a captivating relationship between artist and viewer, technology, and chance. Dust not only reorients us to the small beauties of the world but demonstrates our fundamental inability to perceive these phenomena without, in turn, affecting them.

Dust 002

尚凱利畫廊 | Booth U59
公眾展期 2023年6月15-18日
Messe Basel Messeplatz 10 4058 Basel Switzerland