Video camera, projector, tripod
Dimensions variable

In front of the Screen, the Camera Points in the direction of the light of the projector. Its focus is on the center of the space, sending video signal of the projector. Thus a live circulation of light and electronic signals is established.
A tripod in front of the projector blocks the light projected into the camera. At the appropriate position and the right angle, you can see the dust in the space reflecting the projector’s light. On the screen it wavers and glimmers just like the moment before sunrise when everything in the air can be clearly seen. As viewers walk around in the space and disrupt air current, the image of flickering dust changes rapidly and constantly.
Through the medium of video, we can rediscover and pay attention to the world around us in life.

The work entitled Dust illustrates Wu Chi-Tsung’s deep concerns about the nature of media. Wu constantly examines the questions: How do we see the world through media? How does media technology operate as a manipulative mechanism and a source of power? How does media technology change our relation to the world? Wu chooses to manipulate devices of his own design in a highly sophisticated and at times highly unconventional manner. The emerging and hidden images in his work suggest a new relationship between artist and media and image and viewer. —— Shu-Min Lin / 6th Shanghai Biennale.