Drapery Studies Series 布紋習作系列

Drapery Studies series originate from drapery commonly seen in Graeco-Roman sculptures. Through this simple form, it explores the basic matters in traditional western arts, such as mass, volume, texture, and representation, and combines these with the idealist, poetic space concepts in Chinese culture.

Drapery Studies series is produced in a way identical with the process of making traditional oil paintings. Based on the material system of oil paintings, the linen was shaped randomly into draperies and wrinkles and was coated with multiple layers of rabbit skin glue and gesso to secure its form. After, the pigments or oil color were applied on the material. Differ from general paintings, Drapery Studies forsake pictures, which are deemed the core of paintings, and follows the natural patterns and microscopic imagination to develop the scenery. Its art form is in between painting, sculpture, and installation art, and it is an experiment that integrates the essence of Chinese Shan Shui and western art forms.

Drapery Studies series deals with matters of materials, techniques, art history, and cultural traditions those have been gradually missing in the concept-oriented contemporary art field. Drapery Studies




Drapery Studies 001
Drapery Studies 001
Oil on canvas
Dimensions variable
布紋習作 001
Drapery Studies 005
Oil on canvas
布紋習作 005
50 x 30 x 8.8 cm