Photo London, May 16-19, Somerset House
Photo London攝影藝術博覽會,5/16-19,倫敦

photo london installation view

Wu Chi-Tsung new work “Still Life 012 – Buttercup Tree” ,Cyano-Collage Series and Wrinkled Texture Series will be showcased in Photo London 2019.


Photo London|UP Gallery|D12


Public Opening|5/16-19

Venue|Somerset House|Strand, London WC2R 1LA, England

Artists|Wu Chi-Tsung, Chen Rong-Hui



We are pleased to share with you that several photography and video works of Wu Chi-Tsung will be joining the upcoming Photo London represented by the UP Gallery.  Now in its fifth edition, Photo London has established itself as one of the major leading lens-based art fairs in the world.

This time, Wu Chi-Tsung will be cooperate with the UP Gallery, one of the rare galleries in Taiwan that is solely dedicated to exhibiting photography and moving image works, presenting his Cyano-Collage Series, Still Life Series and Wrinkled Texture Series. Developed from the Wrinkled Texture Series, the Cyano-Collage Series has become one of the most representative series of the artist. An innovative language of photography is developed within the artwork that combines the cyanotype technique, the collage method, as well as the wrinkled texture technique from traditional landscape painting and the aesthetics thereof. Wu Chi-Tsung’s long-lasting exploration in art could be reflected here, that he seeks the way to accommodate both the spiritual and nostalgic landscapes and the scientific and mechanical recording media, and further let them question, reinforce, and develop each other. The Still Life Series place more weight on the universality of traditional beauty, as well as how it is eternally unpredictable and uncertain. Upon the melancholy grounding color, what is recorded is exactly the artist’s mixture feeling of fascination and helplessness towards the beauty.

We look forward to welcoming you at Booth D12 at Photo London. We will also keep you updated via Wu Chi-Tsung’s Instagram accounts and public website.



Buttercup Tree Grid for Website

吳季璁《氰山集》系列、《皴法習作》系列與新作《小品之十二-彎子木》將於今年Photo London攝影藝術博覽會展出。


Photo London|絕版影像館|D12



展覽地點|倫敦薩默塞特府(Somerset House)Strand, London WC2R 1LA, England



吳季璁的多件影像作品將參加今年五月的Photo London攝影藝術博覽會,與國際觀眾分享藝術家對於影像媒介的思考與對於影像美學的探索。今年是Photo London攝影藝術博覽會創辦的第五年,它已成為世界上最值得關注的主要專注於攝影媒材的藝術博覽會之一。





Installation View 展覽現場