Cyano-Collage 024 Acquired by the Asian Art Museum

ABHK 2018
Cyano-Collage 024 at Art Basel Hong Kong in 2018

We are honored to share that Wu Chi-Tsung’s Cyano-Collage 024 was acquired by the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco (AAM), one of the world’s finest collections of Asian art located in the U.S.

Cyano-Collage 024 was the featured artwork for Wu Chi-Tsung’s solo exhibition, presented by Galerie du Monde, at Art Basel Hong Kong 2018, where it made its debut. In 2019, when he was awarded the winner of the inaugural Liu Kuo-Sung Ink Art Award, this work was the piece selected for exhibition.

cyano-collage 024
Cyano-Collage 024 © Asian Art Museum.
《氰山集之二十四》 © 舊金山亞洲藝術博物館

Scaled 180 x 360 cm, the Cyano-Collage 024 was the artist’s first attempt on such a considerable dimension on a single panel. It took him several months to conduct experiments from selecting papers that involve interesting details to connecting them into a poetic scenery. Besides, it was the first time that he challenged a dual-color composition, which contributed to a deepened depth of field. 

Ink Asia 2019
Cyano-Collage 024 was exhibited at the Liu Kuo-Sung Ink Award, 2019