Wheel of Life 輪迴

wu chi tsung

dimensions variable
full HD Cameras, full HD projectors

Full HD攝影機, Full HD投影機


Wheel of life / Samsara is the core view of life and cosmology of Buddhism, which refers to the endless cycle of reincarnation and perpetual transformation of consciousness within cause and effect, life and death, and the Six Realms (Heaven, Human, Asura, Animal, Hungry, Hell), without achieving Nirvana and breaking free form all sorts of troubles, pains, life and death, and cycle of existence.

The work borrows the concept of ‘Samsara’ to illustrate the excessive and countless message and images in our daily life, which are rapidly produced, replicated, and spread to weave a massive cycle of information, in which mind and consciousness seem to be trapped endlessly without escaping.

In the circular space, a number of cameras and projectors are interconnected. Cameras capture the images played by one projector; the recorded video is then transmitted to another projector to be broadcasted. The connected cameras and projectors form a massive feedback system. When audiences enter the space, they will be physically inside the cycle as their images are immediately captured, reproduced, and broadcasted.

「輪迴」(wheel of  life  / Samsara)是佛教核心的生命觀和宇宙觀,指意識在 因果、生死、以致六道(天、人、修羅、畜生、餓鬼、地獄)中無盡的循環轉世,不斷的轉換形態,不到「涅槃」(Nirvana),無法超脫種種煩惱、痛苦、生死、輪迴。