Wu Chi-Tsung Solo Presentation at ADAA Art Show

 Cyano-Collage 150
 Cyano-Collage 150 《氰山集之一百五十》, 2022, 146 x 297cm

Wu Chi-Tsung Solo Presentation ADAA Art Show 2022  
Sean Kelly Gallery | Booth A10 

Preview November 2, 2022
Dates November 3 – 6, 2022
Meet the Artists November 6, 2022, 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm (Wu Chi-Tsung will be present)
Venue Park Avenue Armory, New York

Sean Kelly Gallery will present Wu Chi-Tsung Solo Presentation at the ADAA Art Show in New York as the artist’s debut at the Art Show.

Founded in 1962, ADAA is a national non-profit membership organization of art galleries that promotes the highest standards of connoisseurship, scholarship, and ethical practice in the industry. In the classical and elegant neo-Gothic building of the Park Avenue Armory, the exhibition will feature works of art from the Renaissance to the present, including oil paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings and photographs.

The Art Show is distinctive for its focus on solo exhibitions since its inception, allowing galleries to present a comprehensive overview of an artist’s career and explore their aesthetic connotations. This year, 55 of the 78 participating galleries will present solo exhibitions of artists.

This is why Chi-Tsung is particularly looking forward to this solo exhibition. With a historical anchor crossing from the classic to the present, as well as the refined and sophisticated aesthetic taste, ADAA’s focus is in alignment with Chi-Tsung’s professional training and artistic pursuit, where he was trained in the traditions of calligraphy, ink painting, watercolor painting and drawing at a young age, and reflects these time-honored idioms in his contemporary practices. 

With new works from the Cyano-Collage Series and a work from the Still Life Series, the solo aims to reveal how Chi-Tsung’s work reflects “the influence of traditional aesthetics in his contemporary works, and at the same time critically consider how the development of media and technology affect the relationship between people and the world.

Artnet featured Wu’s work as one of the 7 must-see works to seek out at the ADDA Art Show. As described by editor Eileen Kinsella, “So much goes into the creation of Wu Chi-Tsung’s meditative, serenity-inducting Cyano-Collages, such as this giant fan-shaped one, which anchored the works in the solo presentation of the booth, created specifically for the show.”

Cyano-Collage 146
Cyano-Collage 146,《氰山集之一百四十六》,2022, 60 x 60 cm

尚凱利畫廊 | A10展位
預展 2022年11月2日
日期 2022年11月3-6日
藝術家導覽 2022年11月6日正午12時至下午3時 (吳季璁將會在場)
地址 美國紐約公園大道軍械庫



Artnet將《氰山集》系列新作評為“ADAA藝術展中最不容錯過的7件作品”之一,編輯Eileen Kinsella介紹道,「吳季璁那靜謐而令人沈醉的氰山集中蘊含了豐富無比的世界,特別是那件藝術家專門為本次個展創作的巨大的扇形作品」。

Installation views 展覽現場

ADAA Installation view
ADAA Installation view
ADAA Installation view