Large Wrinkled Texture Series on Folding Screen will be Exhibited at ART SG in Singapore

Wrinkled Texture - Folding Screen 002
Wrinkled Texture – Folding Screen 002,《皴法習作 屏風之二》
 2022, 215 x 79 x 6pcs

Stand BA04, Galerie du Monde
VIP preview days
 Jan 11, 2023
Public days Jan 12-15, 2023
Venue  Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore

Presented by Galerie du Monde, Wu Chi-Tsung’s new works will be shown at the inaugural edition of Art SG. Founded by The Art Assembly, an affiliation of major international art fairs with a particular focus on the Asia Pacific region comprising Taipei Dangdai, India Art Fair, PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai and the forthcoming Tokyo Gendai, the new international art fair will feature over 150 of the world’s leading galleries, from Singapore and across the globe. Art SG offers a meeting point in Southeast Asia for collectors from the region and beyond to convene and engage with one of the world’s most dynamic cultural landscapes.

Among the new works from the Cyano-Collage Series and the Wrinkled Texture Series specially created for the new fair, it is noteworthy that the Wrinkled Texture – Folding Screen 002 marks the artist’s first attempt to compose on a traditional folding screen. The series applies the classic cyanotype technique to xuan paper. During this process, the artist treats xuan paper with a photosensitive coating that is then crumpled and exposed to sunlight, revealing images that bring to mind the mountainous landscapes often found in Chinese shan shui paintings. Folding Screen 002 was created amidst continuous rain where light, the key catalyst, was insufficient. The artist adjusted the exposure under the low light conditions and eventually achieved the delicate and subtle palette seen in this work.

Cyano-Collage 160,《氰山集之一百六十》, 2022, 120 x 90 cm

Galerie du Monde, BA04展位
公眾開放 2023年1月12~15日
地址 金沙會展中心, 海灣道10號, 新加坡

本週,世界畫廊將攜吳季璁《氰山集》及《皴法習作》系列新作亮相首屆新加坡國際藝術博覽會(Art SG)。藝博會由旗下包括台北當代、印度藝術博覽會、影像上海藝術博覽會及東京現代等國際藝博會的The Art Assembly聯手瑞銀集團呈現,將匯聚來自全球30個地區逾150間全球頂級世界畫廊,為東南亞及世界各地的藏家提供了齊聚一堂的機會,共賞世界上最有活力的文化景觀。

本次值得注目的新作《皴法習作 屏風之二》是吳季璁首次嘗試於大尺幅日式屏風上進行創作。該系列作品使用氰版攝影法之原理,將感光材料塗佈於宣紙上,在陽光下曝曬,過程中不斷調整重塑紙張的皺折,而後水洗定影而形成宛若山巒般的「筆觸」,對於光照有著相當敏感的需求。而本次製作過程中,藝術家在陰雨連綿、光線不足的條件下摸索曝光技巧,最終呈現出淡雅細膩而幽微的色調。