Rain 雨景


Single-channel video



The production of the work rain was quite simple. First, I moved to a flat near the Kuan-Du Bridge and observed the view outside the window shown in the work for a few months. One afternoon, it suddenly rained. When I tried to film the rain, I automatically turned the button controlling the shutter speed. I discovered that raindrops filmed at a shutter speed of 1/8000 second looked quite different.
At the normal shutter speed of 1/60 second, multiplied by about 30 frames per second, one can only record half an image in one second. However, we are seldom aware of the limitation of video images, at least in the temporal dimension, because they already satisfy the requirement of our sight for the illusion of movement. When the shutter speed is increased to 1/8000 second, it means that only 30/8000 of an image is recorded in one second.

In my work, the motion of the falling raindrops gets entirely lost, meanwhile the cars still keep moving. A chasm seems to open up in “eality”. We do not know where it will lead.

From another point of view, the camera may be able to see much more than the human eye. However, we usually use it to satisfy our old visual needs and seldom make maximum use of it. Maybe it has things it wants to say. This is an anthropomorphic interpretation.

In addition, in post-production, I slowed down the playback speed to 80%. In terms of the realization of the concept, this gesture may be superfluous. At any rate, I felt that the cars moved too quickly, just like everything in this age. If the speed could be adjusted, 80% may be a good choice.