Wrinkled Texture Series At Asia Society Texas’ Ongoing Exhibition

Wrinkled Texture 113
Wrinkled Texture 113
211 x 95 cm, 2021

Summoning Memories: Art Beyond Chinese Traditions
Exhibition Period 
February 10, 2023 – July 2, 2023
Venue 1370 Southmore Blvd. Houston, TX

Wrinkled Texture 113 is featured in Asia Society Huston’s recent group exhibition “Summoning Memories: Art Beyond Chinese Traditions”. Curated by guest curator Dr. Susan L. Beningson, the exhibition highlights works by over 30 contemporary artists of Chinese descent who reinterpret traditions in dynamic and innovative ways.  Across painting, sculpture, and photography, these works were created by both established and emerging artists of different generations who use experimentation to draw on both Eastern and Western art-making practices and materials.The Asia Society’s is a global non-profit organization whose purpose is to navigate shared futures for Asia and the world across policy, arts and culture, education, sustainability, business, and technology.

Curator Susan L. Beningson stated, In his Cyano-Collage series, Wu Chi-Tsung explores the essence of Chinese ink landscape painting, moving beyond the brush to utilize innovative new materials and techniques. To create these evocative landscapes, Wu prepares layers of cyanotype photographic papers, a method used since the mid-1800s. He treats the xuan paper, the material used in traditional Chinese ink landscapes, with a photosensitive coating. The multiple pieces of paper are crumpled, exposed to sunlight, and then mounted into collaged images that resemble the craggy mountain peaks of traditional Chinese ink shan shui (mountain and water) landscape painting – thus creating ink landscapes without the ink. Wu replaces the traditional materials of ink and brush with experimental photography in order to reinvent the process. Wu has said that his landscapes resist any fixed reading: “They could be anything, because they are not representing any real landscape. This is the spirit of a Chinese landscape.. The best works always come from some kind of coincidence… Most artists have a strong ego. We try to control our work. But the more you try to control it, the more likely you lose the possibility. Let the work grow in the way it should.”

日期  2023年2月10日至7月2日
地點 1370 Southmore Blvd. Houston, TX

皴法習作113》正於亞洲協會休士頓分會最近的群展《召喚記憶:超越中國傳統的藝術》中展出。本展由客座策展人Susan L. Beningson博士策劃,集中呈現了三十餘位華裔藝術家的當代藝術作品。作品涵蓋繪畫、雕塑、攝影等類別,均實驗著結合東方與西方的藝術傳統與材料,以創新的方式重新詮釋著傳統。亞洲協會總部位於紐約,是美國一個非牟利組織,創辦宗旨是向世界傳播亞洲文化。

策展人Susan L. Beningson介紹道,「在《氰山集》系列中,吳季璁探索了中國水墨山水畫的本質,運用創新的材料和技術超越了傳統筆觸。為了創造這些意境深遠的山水畫,他使用光敏劑處理宣紙,這是傳統中國水墨山水畫所使用的材料。這些宣紙被揉皺,曝露在陽光下,然後拼貼成山峰嶙峋的山水圖像,與傳統中國水墨山水畫頗為神似。吳季璁用實驗攝影取代了傳統的墨水和筆觸,他不用墨水便創造出了水墨山水對傳統書畫進行了當代的重新詮釋。藝術家表示,他的山水畫抵抗任何固定的解讀『它們可以是任何東西,因為它們不代表任何真實的風景。這就是中國山水畫的精神。最好的作品總是來自某種隨機性…大多數藝術家都有很強的自我。我們試圖控制自己的作品。但是你越想控制它,你就越有可能失去可能性。讓作品按照它應有的方式成長』。」