Wu Chi-Tsung solo: Inwardscape, Feb 15-Mar 14, Hong Kong
「吳季璁個展-憬」2/15 – 3/14,香港

Crystal City 007 Wu Chi Tsung
Wu Chi-Tsung, Crystal City 007, Installation, Dimensions Variable, 2015

Wu Chi-Tsung Solo Exhibition: Inwardscape 

Press Preview
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 4:00-6:00pm

Opening Reception
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 6:00-8:30pm

Exhibition Dates
16 February – 14 March 2017

Galerie du Monde
108 Ruttonjee Center, 11 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong

Galerie du Monde will be presenting the first solo exhibition of work by Taiwanese artist, Wu Chi-Tsung (b. 1981, Taipei, Taiwan), in Hong Kong. The exhibition will run from 16 February to 14 March, 2017. With a passion for the interpretation and production of images, Wu has been working across the mediums of photography, video, and installation, to create artworks which challenge our perceptions of our physical and natural worlds. The upcoming exhibition will present a diverse range of artworks from various series, representing ten years of development in the artist’s work. Brand new works on display will include Wu’s Drapery Studies series (2014-2017), never seen before by the public, as well as recent video works. Also on display will be the artist’s renowned Cyanotype works and a large scale, site-specific installation Crystal City 007.

Crystal City 007 (2015), which is regarded as characteristic of the artist’s Crystal City series and was previously shown at the International Ink Art Biennale of Shenzhen in 2016, is the artist’s term for the virtual world which is made up of electronic equipment, networks, programs, media and information. Wu will project a variable shadow cityscape onto the gallery walls: the projection alters the landscape and results in the constant changing of the shapes and shadows of the work.

The new series, Drapery Studies (2014-2017), explores the notions of body, volume and texture, inspired by the drapery of classical Greek and Roman sculpture. In this way, the artist links traditional western art forms to the idealistic and poetic concept of space in oriental culture. Via his work, Wu attempts to study the relationships between materials and techniques. Wu creates the artworks by wrinkling linen, then painting it with multiple layers of rabbit-skin glue and using Gesso to fix the shape, before finally painting it with oil paint or toner. The work is a hybrid of painting, sculpture and installation, which Wu sees as an experimental mix and exploration of techniques used in both Chinese landscape painting and traditional Western art forms. The new series builds on the artist’s Wrinkled Texture series. The three works on display will be shown to the public for the first time.

Cyanotype photographic artworks from the artist’s Cyano-Collage series (2016-2017) will be presented as part of the exhibition. This series is inspired by the texturing technique (cun-fa) which is often used in Chinese landscape painting (Shan Shui). The method involves covering the rice paper in a photosensitive solution before continually crumbling it whilst it is exposed to direct sunlight, to create the effect of light and shadow on the paper. The resulting experimental photography montages are re-interpretations of the concept of Chinese landscape painting; the artworks resembling mountain ranges and tumultuous blue seas.

The two videos Landscape in the Mist (2012) and Still Life (2016) show Wu extending his examination of traditional Chinese landscape painting and moving images in an attempt to describe the fluidity of state, intersections, and ambiguities.

‘Galerie du Monde is delighted to host Wu’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong and to collaborate closely  with the artist on such an ambitious and innovative selection of works. We are proud to present work by this talented young Taiwanese artist, who beautifully and thoughtfully explores the intersection between traditional Chinese painting with new art forms and mediums in his works’

— Fred Scholle, Founder & Chairman, Galerie du Monde

Wu Chi-Tsung, Cyano-Collage 007, 90 x 155 x 10 cm, cyanotype photography collage, 2014
Wu Chi-Tsung, Cyano-Collage 007, 90 x 155 x 10 cm, cyanotype photography collage, 2014





Galerie du Monde 世界畫廊

世界畫廊(Galerie du Monde)呈獻台灣藝術家吳季璁(1981年生於台灣台北)的首次香港個展《憬》,展期自2017年2月16日至3月14日。吳季璁熱衷於對影像的解讀與創作,其作品透過不同的媒材如攝影、錄像與裝置,挑戰觀者對真實及自然世界的固有概念。《憬》以豐富的創作系列全面介紹藝術家十年中的藝術發展脈絡。世界畫廊(Galerie du Monde)首次呈獻吳季璁從未公開展出過的全新作品系列《布紋習作》(2014-2017年)、近期錄像作品。同時展出的亦有藝術家具標誌性的氰版攝影作品,以及大型場地特定裝置作品《水晶城市007》。




同時展出藝術家的錄像作品《煙林圖》(2012年)與《小品》(2016年), 這些作品深刻探討傳統中國山水繪畫與流動影像之間的關係,其試圖描述其中流變不定、交錯與曖昧的狀態。

「世界畫廊(Galerie du Monde)欣然呈獻吳季璁首次香港個展,與藝術家密切合作展出一系列極具規模並創新的作品。我們非常榮幸展出這位優秀年輕台灣藝術家,他對於傳統中國繪畫與嶄新藝術形式及媒材的聯結與探索細緻入微、美輪美奐。」

——世界畫廊(Galerie du Monde)創始人蘇法烈(Fred Scholle)

Wu Chi-Tsung, Drapery Studies 005 (detail), 50 x 30 cm, oil on canvas, 2016

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