The urge to create visions… 1929 – 2017, May 27 – Sep 17, Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko


“The urge to create visions…”1929–2017

27th May – 17th September 2017
Museum of Contemporary Sculpture
Curator: Grzegorz Musiał
Coordinator: Leszek Golec
Work on Display: Crystal City 007

Participants: Elias Crespin, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Wojciech Fangor, Paweł Grobelny, Mikołaj Grospierre, Bethan Huws, Kimsooja, Lin Yi, Michał Martychowiec, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Jesus Rafael Soto, Franciszka and Stefan Themerson, Ludwig Wilding, Chi Tsung Wu

The international exhibition organized in cooperation with the Signum Foundation includes the works of outstanding artists of historical avant-garde and contemporary artists. The exhibition will be the highlight of the summer season 2017.

The title of the exhibition refers to Stefan Themerson’s essay from 1936, published in 1937 in the second edition of the avant-garde magazine ‘f.a.’ (artistic film). Themerson mainly discusses in it the problems of artistic film, which is one of the media in this exhibition, however, the visual experiences connected with movement, light, time and space are also interesting for artists working outside the realm of film.

The presentation has the form of collage and is happening simultaneously on several levels of experimenting with the widely understood visuality. It is a record of the past and present dreams about this amazing experience.

Historical and contemporary artists taking part in the exhibition engage in media dialogue, going beyond  linear narrations.

Chronologically, the exhibition opens with László Moholy-Nagy’s film Ein Lichtspiel schwarz weiss grau from 1930, shot with the use of a light modulator, kinetic sculpture on which the artist had been working since 1922. In the context of the film, several installations of contemporary artists will be shown: Bethan Hus will present White, Grey, Black from 2016 and Wu Chi-Tsung will present Crystal City 007 from 2015. Beside a series of Stefan Themerson’s abstract black-and-white  photograms, you will see Yi-Chun Lin’s large format pictures, made with the use of state-of-the-art electronic equipment. Spatial pictures of Jesus Rafael Soto from the first half of the 60s, inspired by Pierre Boulez’ music, lead a dialogue with Michał Martychowiec’s video, which is a visual variation on Soto’s iconic work, Penetrables, created in 2010 at the Palazzo Dona in Venice.

The series of photographs titled The Sun Unfolded made in 2008 by Korean artist Kimssoja is a contemporary reflection on Wojciech Fangor’s op-art paintings from the 1960s.

Carlos Cruz-Diez’s light work Chromosaturation is an installation that will take over the whole space of the Chapel Gallery. The artist is going to create in this space an artificial environment, produced as a result of merging of three colours: blue, red and green, which will eventually create a monochromatic situation. This visual experiment causes disorders in the retina accustomed to simultaneous reading of a wide range of colours.

Another work, happening on several time-space planes is the installation Tattarrattat from 2010, produced as an in-situ project at the Palazzo Dona in Venice. In Orońsko it will be presented in the historical interiors of Józef Brandt’s palace, as a form of game with the viewers and their habits.

The motto of the exhibition is Michał Martchowiec’s neon work How Far Can You See from 2013.

Stefan Themerson ended his historical essay with a statement-question: “The new avant-garde will come. I know what I would like from it. I would like it to make what I would like to see. And I would like to see clear, rational, common-sense, visual statements. But what it should do is not at all what I want to see. It should do what its own need to create visions will force it to do”.

波蘭雕塑中心“The urge to create visions…” 1929–2017聯展將展出吳季璁作品《水晶城市007》。