Wu Chi-Tsung’s works Wire V, Crystal City 007, and Cyano-collage 047 will be showcased at the Lightscapes: Re-envisioning the Shanshuihua at the Chinese American Museum, Los Angeles, USA


Duration: Feb.7 – Nov.10, 2019
Venue: Chinese American Museum, Los Angeles, USA
Participated artists: Wu Chi-Tsung and Nice Dong


Lightscapes: Re-envisioning the Shanshuihua 光之景: 山水畫的當代想像 presents works from Nick Dong and Wu Chi-Tsung, two Taiwan-born contemporary artists. Re-imagining the philosophies of Chinese landscape paintings, the exhibition brings forward new media works and immersive light-based installations that are not often explored within this genre.

This time, Wu Chi-Tsung ‘s representative works Wire V, Crystal City 007 and Cyano-collage Series are exhibited, in which light has featured foundamentally and prominently exploring the posibilities of light in the physical world while revealing the surrealistc Shanshui landscape in our contemporary experience. Corresponding to the historical building located in the original China town of the museum, the art works would guide viewers to wander through the juxaposition of abstraction and solidness, as well as traditions and the modern world. The exhibition will be on view till November 11, 2019.

This exhibition is presented by the Chinese American Museum in partnership with the Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Taiwan Academy in Los Angeles. Major support for this exhibition is provided by the Friends of the Chinese American Museum, and El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument.


About Chinese American Museum

The Chinese American Museum (CAM) is the first museum in Southern California dedicated to the Chinese American experience and history in this region. Symbolically housed in the oldest and last surviving structure of Los Angeles’ original Chinatown, the 7,200 square foot Chinese American Museum (CAM) embodies a cultural and physical link to the past, as well as a promising point of entry for the city’s multicultural future. CAM is dedicated to researching, preserving, and sharing the experiences and contributions of Chinese Americans in the United States through quality exhibitions, programs, events, publications, and workshops. In addition to its role in the community as an active-learning institution, CAM is also proud to serve as a visual symbol of new and emerging traditions.








本次展覽由華美博物館主辦,台灣文化部與洛杉磯台灣書院共同協辦,並受到華美博物館的合作夥伴El Pueblo de Los Angeles團隊的鼎力支持。