Taipei Dangdai Art Fair, Jan 17-20, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

Presented by Galerie du Monde, Wu Chi-Tsung’s new Cyano-Collage and Still Life works showcase at Taipei Dangdai Art Fair.


Galerie du Monde at Taipei Dangdai Art Fair|Booth C03

VIP Preview|Jan 17 2-5 pm

Vernissage|Jan 17 5-9 pm

VIP Only Access|Jan 18-20, 11-12 am

Public Days|Jan 18, 12-8 pm; Jan 19, 12-7 pm; Jan 20 12-5 pm

Venue|Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall one, 4F, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan

Artists|Fong Chung-Ray, Kwok Hon Sum, Wu Chi-Tsung and Crystal Liu


Galerie du Monde will feature four contemporary ink artists, Fong Chung-Ray and Kwok Hon Sum, representing the early period in the development of contemporary ink painting based on traditional cultural tenets and standards; Wu Chi-Tsung and Crystal Liu, representing the current innovation of ink related contemporary paintings who stretch boundaries of ink art playing with new media and unusual materials. Exhibiting the work of these four important artists at Taipei Dangdai will provide the audience with an in depth experience in the growth and evolution of the movement of contemporary ink painting from the 1970s to the present.






VIP 預展| 1/17 2-5 pm

開幕|1/17 5-9 pm

VIP開放|1/18-20, 11-12 am

公眾開放|1/18, 12-8 pm; 1/19, 12-7 pm; 1/20 12-5 pm

地點|南港展覽館一棟四樓, 台北市南港區經貿二路1號

藝術家|馮鍾睿、郭漢深、吳季璁、Crystal Liu


世界畫廊將於首屆台北當代藝術博覽會呈現四位當代水墨藝術家,為觀衆展示由七十年代至今當代水墨運動的成長和演變歷程。馮鍾睿和郭漢深,以傳統文化和素養為基礎,代表了當代水墨藝術的早期發展;而吳季璁和Crystal Liu則代表了當代繪畫的創新,突破水墨藝術與新媒體和非傳統媒介結合的界限,擴大了當代水墨語法的可能性。