Art Basel in Hong Kong, Mar 29-31, Convention & Exhibition Center

Presented by Galerie du Monde, Wu Chi-Tsung’s new Cyano-Collage Series and Still Life 009 – Maple, Still Life 010 – Lotus will showcase at Art Basel in Hong Kong 2019.


Galerie Du Monde|3E18
Dates|March 29 – 31, 2019
Private View|March 27, 2pm to 8pm March 28, 1pm to 5pm
Vernissage|March 28, 5pm to 9pm
Venue|Convention & Exhibition Center, 1 Harbor Rd., Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Two major movements of Postwar Asia will be the cornerstone of Galerie du Monde’s presentation.The Fifth Moon Group and the One Art Group both sought to re-contextualize the millennia-old tradition of Chinese ink painting at different times in different places -1950s Taiwan for the former, 1970s Hong Kong for the latter. By infusing the medium with Modernist influences, both groups gave it an innovative impulse that remains influential to this day. Powerful pieces by key protagonists, such as Liu Kuo-Sung and Fong Chung-Ray, along with the late Kwok Hon-Sum, will be on view. Additionally, the gallery’s booth will include enigmatic blueprints and video works by the young Taiwanese artist Wu Chi-Tsung, expanding the gallery’s reflection into the contemporary realm.





展覽日期|03/29-31, 2019
貴賓預展|03/27, 2 – 8pm 03/28 1 – 5pm
開幕典禮|03/28 5 – 9pm


戰後亞洲的兩大運動將成為Galerie du Monde本次展覽的重點。五月畫會和一畫會在1950年代台灣與1970年代香港皆試圖為中國水墨畫重新定位千年古老的傳統,兩個團體都給了它一種創新的突破,將書畫媒材注入現代主義的元素,至今仍然具有影響力。展覽將展出劉國松、馮鐘睿和已故的郭漢深等作品,此外,台灣年輕藝術家吳季璁的藍曬和視頻作品,將展覽主題反映到當代藝術的領域繼續探討。