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[Exhibition Review by ArtAsiaParcific] BENEATH THE SURFACE: WU CHI-TSUNG

At the entrance of Wu Chi-Tsung’s exhibition “Exposé” (2021), curated by Ying Kwok at Galerie du Monde, stood a six-part folding screen depicting blue mountain peaks. The work was made from cyanotype-treated Xuan paper (Chinese rice paper), a laborious process derived from early photography whereby Wu translates the markings of light and time …


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[Critique by] On the Limitless Imagination in Wu Chi-Tsung’s Interdisciplinary Arts

Recently, Wu Chi-Tsung’s intriguing application of Cyanotype photography was introduced by, the biggest Taiwan designers’ website with updated designing news and articles. The article reviews the creation process of the Wrinkled Texture Series as well as the Cyano-Collage Series. In the article, the writer Hsu Szuying introduces: …