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Cross-Sector Collaboration: Artistic Design for Dun Ren Hospital’s Album “Earthing”

In the summer of 2012, lyricist Yung-Feng Chung visited Dun Ren Psychiatric Hospital in Yuanlin and was surprised to find no iron bars, unpleasant odors, or unsettling noises. The patients lived leisurely lives and were treated with respect. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, he and composer Shiuan Chang revisited the hospital to learn how Dun Ren Hospital centers around patients, refining an internal support system through daily morning reflections and reviews. Inspired by this, Shiuan Chang composed a series of music, including folk songs and children’s songs, designed to connect with the patients’ memories, provide them comfort, and also document the composer’s ongoing internal dialogue and psychophysical reconstruction. The album’s name “Earthing” is derived from Dunren Hospital’s principle of “settling the earth and being humane”, and was released recently. The album is released on its official website, and steaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music 

Invited by Shiuan Chang, Wu Chi-Tsung took on the role of art director for the album. He was captivated by the myriad perspectives unfolding at every turn, as well as by the depiction of contemporary ethos and the psychological landscape of modern life woven into the music. Through the familiar acts of “tearing” and “kneading” in his artistic process, Chi-Tsung embodies the narrative perspective of “Earthing.” He metaphorically navigates life’s twists and turns and confronts its myriad challenges within the folded pages, utilizing a “visualized” textual arrangement to delve into life’s mysteries.

Recording at Chimei Museum

在2012年夏天,詞作家鍾永豐訪問位於員林的敦仁精神專科醫院時,驚訝地發現那裡沒有鐵窗、異味或令人緊張的聲音,病友們生活閒適而受到尊重。至2020年疫情期間,他與作曲家張玹再度拜訪,學習醫院如何以病友為中心改進支持系統。張玹受此啟發,創作了一系列曲目,包括民謠和兒歌,這些音樂旨在與病友的記憶產生聯繫,為他們帶來慰藉,亦紀錄作曲家自我的持續內在對話與身心重建。專輯名稱取自敦仁醫院「安土敦乎仁」的宗旨,並於近期上線專輯官網SpotifyApple Music等平台。


installation view

New Cyano-Collage Series at TEFAF New York

Cyano-Collage 196
120 x 150 cm, 2024

Sean Kelly | Stand 330
:  May 9 -14 2024 
Venue: Park Avenue Armory, New York  

Simultaneously with Taipei Dangdai, two Cyano-Collage works will debut to western audiences at Sean Kelly’s booth at the prestigious TEFAF fair in New York. Cultivated in the art traditions of both the East and the West since his childhood, Wu Chi-Tsung has always aspired to combine Western contemporary media with the spirit of Eastern aesthetics to reach a broader audience and inspire diverse interpretations of his work.

“Through my work, xuan paper is able to be noticed by more people. For example, when I was exhibiting in Europe when the audience learned about the production process of the “Cyano-Collage Series”, they were all amazed by the outstanding resilience of the xuan paper after being crumpled, flattened, soaked, and dried. If in this way, more artists from other countries will also start to become interested in this material and begin to use it in their creations, can this traditional eastern media breathe a new life in the contemporary art world? “, Chi-Tsung shared during an interview with Vogue Taiwan

Established in 1988, The European Fine Art Foundation (TEFAF) is widely regarded as the world’s preeminent organization for fine art, antiques, and design. TEFAF organizes two international fairs—TEFAF Maastricht, which presents over 7,000 years of art history, and TEFAF New York, focused on modern and contemporary art and design.

展會現場 Installation view
Photo: Sebastiano Pellion di Persano, Courtesy: Sean Kelly New York/Los Angeles

尚凱利畫廊 | Stand 330 
日期:  2024年5月9 -14日
地址: Park Avenue Armory, New York 


「(我希望)透過我的作品,宣紙能夠被更多人注意到。例如,當我在歐洲展出時,觀眾對宣紙經過揉皺、壓平、浸泡及風乾後仍顯出的卓越韌性感到驚訝。如果這樣,更多來自其他國家的藝術家也開始對這種材料感興趣並開始在他們的創作中使用它,這種傳統的東方媒介能否在當代藝術世界中注入新生呢?」吳季璁在接受《Vogue Taiwan》訪問時分享道。 



New Cyano-Collage at Taipei Dangdai

Cyano-Collage 205
240 x 420 cm, 2024

gdm (Galerie du Monde) | Booth E07
Dates: May 9 – 12, 2024
Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

This week, new works of the Cyano-Collage Series will be showcased at the Taipei Dangdai Art Fair, represented by gdm (Galerie du Monde). Recalling the traditional cyanotype photographic technique, the artist treats xuan paper with a photosensitive coating, then crumples the sheets by hand, creating wrinkles and folds before exposing them to sunlight. From the resulting dozens of textured papers with varied tonalities, he assembles and layers the fragments to construct landscapes that resemble rocky terrains with peaks shrouded in mist, snow, and rushing water, evoking the aesthetic of Eastern ink paintings . For the artist, it’s all about experimentation.

“Most artists have a strong ego. We try to control our work. But the more you try to control it, the more likely you are to lose the possibility. Sometimes, we should just let it go. Let the work grow in the way it should,” Chi-Tsung has said.

Cyano-Collage 197
120x 150 cm, 2024

爍樂(世界畫廊) | E07展位
: 2024年5月9日 – 12日
地址: 台北南港展覽館



FTV news

Formosa News Special on the Artistic Journey of Wu Chi-tsung

Formosa News recently featured a special report on Wu Chi-tsung and his artworks, focusing particularly on the creative process of his cyanotype photography. Reporter Stephany Yang visited the artist’s studio and had an in-depth discussion with Wu Chi-tsung about his unique techniques involving Xuan paper and the natural interplay of sunlight and shadows. Viewers had the opportunity to see how Wu ingeniously blazes new trails by utilizing natural environmental elements for contemporary creations that convey the essence of ink painting. The program also delved into Wu Chi-tsung’s artistic evolution and his modern interpretation of traditional Chinese ink painting. The following report extract is reposted from FTV News.

Today we take you to meet Taiwanese award-winning multidisciplinary artist Wu Chi-tsung. Wu is famous for creating beautiful landscape artworks by wrinkling Xuan paper and putting it under sunlight. FTV reporter Stephany Yang takes us to see the artistic process.

Stephany Yang: Beautiful landscape artworks are hung on the wall. At first glance, it might look like a regular painting, but it’s actually a cyanotype work created by Wu. He first applies a photosensitive coating to Xuan paper, which is also called rice paper. He then wrinkles the paper, and puts it under the sunlight at the top of his studio’s rooftop.

Wu Chi-tsung: For about half an hour, I will keep changing the shape and read the beautiful and random texture of light and shadow. Then, gradually develop the shape of the work. All the work, I did usually under the sunlight. Sunlight could change any time. Wind will move the paper. The most important thing. You cannot control how you crumble the paper and what form you would get. I love all the randomness in the work so I can always find new things and learn from it.

Stephany Yang: Afterward, he washes the paper. Mountains, oceans, glaciers, and other landscapes slowly emerge.

Wu Chi-tsung: After exposure under the sunlight, I need to wash the paper for half to one hour to remove the extra chemical because cyanotype chemical contains some acid. If it remains in the paper, it will make the paper become yellow and fragile. It is kind of interesting because I was working under the direct sunlight so I could see stronger contrast like this part. You could see a very strong color tone and contrast inside. For me, I almost could see each paper and feel the weather of the day when I was doing the exposure. I think every day is different.

Stephany Yang: For some of the works, he uses aluminum mounts to create a gray texture. Wu says the process of creating an art piece requires a great deal of patience. The color, detail, and texture of the work greatly depend on the type of Xuan paper and weather conditions.

Wu Chi-tsung: You can see on top is no acrylic color, anything. Just simply a reflection of the aluminum panel with the texture. When you walk around the work and see the work from different directions, the reflection will change. Also, the light of the environment changes through the daytime. The papers I used on this work was created on a cloudy day but with stronger UV light because you can see the strong intensity of blue tones, but at the same time have a very smooth shadow tones. Also, this paper was machine-made paper, not handmade paper. It shows a very strong blue.

Stephany Yang: Wu was trained from an early age in Chinese calligraphy, watercolor, Chinese ink painting, and drawing. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Taipei National University of the Arts. He began experimenting with cyanotype art in 2012. He hopes to reinvent ink painting.

Wu Chi-tsung : My cyanotype work combines two things together. One is to have a dialogue with ink painting, Shan shui, this tradition that I started to do since I was a kid. I really love the kind of aesthetic behind it. But nowadays, we don’t use brushes anymore. We barely use pen for handwriting. It might be difficult for the audience to relate to this art tradition. So, I got the idea to replace the ink and brush part with experimental photography. That is why I came up with the idea to try the cyanotype. It is very simple and very direct. The most beautiful thing is that it works under the sunlight. It is not in a dark room. It is the environment engaging with nature which I like a lot.

Stephany Yang: Wu says he wants to continue to create bigger works and pay tribute to nature.

民視新聞最近特別報導了吳季璁及其藝術作品,並重點介紹了他的氰版攝影藝術的創作過程。由記者Stephany Yang來到藝術家工作室,與吳季璁詳細探討了他使用宣紙以及日光與陰影自然交互作用的獨特技巧。觀眾將得以一窺吳季璁如何巧妙地另闢蹊徑,利用自然環境元素來進行傳達水墨精神的當代創作。該節目還深入探討了吳季璁的藝術演變以及他對中國水墨畫傳統的現代詮釋。以下是從FTV新聞轉載、由吳季璁工作室翻譯的報導摘錄。

今天我們帶您認識台灣屢獲殊榮的跨學科藝術家吳季璁,他以將宣紙折皺並置於陽光下所創作的美麗的山水藝術作品而聞名。民視記者Stephany Yang將帶領我們一同見證他的藝術創作的過程。

Stephany Yang:美麗的山水藝術作品懸掛在牆上。乍看之下,它可能像一幅普通的繪畫,但實際上這是吳季璁用氰版攝影法的原理創作的作品。他首先在宣紙上塗上光敏薄層,然後他將紙褶皺,並將其置於位於他工作室屋頂上方的陽光下曝曬。

吳季璁: 在大約半小時左右的曝曬時間內,我會不斷改變(紙張的褶皺的)形狀,閱讀光影的美麗而隨機的紋理,然後逐漸發展出作品的型態。所有的作品通常都是在陽光下製作的。陽光會隨時改變,風會移動紙張,最重要的是,你無法控制如何褶皺紙張以及你將得到什麼形狀,我喜歡作品中的這所有的隨機性,這樣我就可以不斷發現新事物並從中學習。

Stephany Yang: 之後,他洗淨紙張,山川、海洋、冰川和其他山水景觀逐漸浮現。

吳季璁: 在陽光下曝光後,我需要花半小时至一小時洗净纸张,以去除多餘的化學物質,因為氰版摄影所使用的化學物質中含有一些酸性成分。如果它残留在紙上,紙張會變黃且脆弱。有趣的是,因為(這張紙版)我是在直射陽光下工作,所以(在這張紙張上)我可以看到更強烈的對比,就像這部分一樣,你可以看到非常強烈的色調和對比。對我來說,我幾乎通過每一張紙感受到曝光那天的天氣,每一天都是不同的。

Stephany Yang: 對於一些作品,他使用鋁製底板創造灰色的紋理。吳說創作一件藝術品需要很大的耐心。作品的顏色、細節和紋理在很大程度上取決於宣紙的類型和天氣條件。

吳季璁: 你可以看到(這件作品)頂部沒有壓克力顏料,任何東西,其紋理來自於鋁製底板的反射。當你在作品周圍行走,從不同的角度觀察作品時,反射會發生變化。同時,展示空間的光線也會在一天中發生變化(並進一步豐富作品呈現的效果的可能性)。製作這件作品上使用的宣紙的那天是陰天,但有較強的紫外線光線,因此你可以看到藍色調的部分具有激烈的強度,同時又呈現出非常平滑的陰影調。此外,這種紙是機器製造的紙張,而不是手工紙。它呈現出非常濃郁的藍色。

Stephany Yang: 吳季璁從小就接受中國書法、水彩畫、中國水墨畫和素描的培訓。他畢業於台北藝術大學美術學士學位。他於2012年開始嘗試氰版攝影藝術,並希望重新詮釋水墨畫。

吳季璁: 我的氰版攝影作品將兩件事情結合在一起,(水墨傳統與實驗攝影)。水墨畫與山水傳統是我從小就在接觸與對話的。我非常喜歡水墨中的美學與精神,但現在人們已幾乎不再用筆寫字,遑論使用毛筆的經驗。對觀眾來說,可能很難與這種藝術傳統產生共鳴。所以,我想到了用實驗攝影來替代墨和筆部分的想法,這就是為什麼我想嘗試氰版攝影的原因。它非常簡單而直接。最美妙的是它是在陽光下運作的,而不在昏暗的暗房中。它與大自然的環境產生直接的互動,這一點我非常喜歡。

Stephany Yang: 吳表示他希望繼續創作更大尺幅的作品,並進一步向大自然致敬。


Cyano-Collage Series Showcased in the Upcoming Group Exhibition at Asian Art Museum in San Francisco

Cyano-Collage 024
Cyano-Collage 024
2018, 180 x 360 cm
 © Asian Art Museum

 Into View: New Voices, New Stories 
 Jan 19, 2024 – Oct 17, 2024 
Venue 200 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

In the upcoming exhibition Into View: New Voices, New Stories at Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, U.S.A., Cyano-Collage 024 will be presented. The exhibition features recently acquired paintings, sculptures, ceramics, prints, and mixed-media work by local and international contemporary artists who challenge and subvert convention by transforming familiar stories, stereotypes, and techniques. Other participating artists includes Artists: Koon Wai Bong, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Michael Jang & Barry McGee, Cathy Lu, Jiha Moon, Younhee Paik, Nicole Pun, Stephanie Syjuco, TT Takemoto, Wesley Tongson, Rupy C. Tut, and Jenifer K Wofford.

 Cyano-Collage 024 was the featured artwork in Wu Chi-Tsung’s solo exhibition presented by Galerie du Monde at Art Basel Hong Kong 2018, where it made its debut. In 2019, it was selected for exhibition when Wu Chi-Tsung was awarded the winner of the inaugural Liu Kuo-Sung Ink Art Award.

In 2021, upon acquiring the work, the Asian Art Museum organized an online event that allowed art lovers to learn more about the production process of the work and the artist behind it.

日期 2024年1月19日至10月17日
地址 200 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

《氰山集之二十四》將在美國舊金山亞洲藝術博物館新展《展望:新聲音,新故事》中展出。該展覽呈現了最新納入博物館典藏的當代繪畫、雕塑、陶瓷、版畫和複合媒材作品,這些美國本土或國際藝術家通過改變熟悉的故事、刻板印象和技巧來挑戰和顛覆傳統。除吳季璁外,參展藝術家還有Koon Wai Bong, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Michael Jang & Barry McGee, Cathy Lu, Jiha Moon, Younhee Paik, Nicole Pun, Stephanie Syjuco, TT Takemoto, Wesley Tongson, Rupy C. Tut,以及Jenifer K Wofford。




Group Exhibition Living Paper at Galerie du Monde in Hong Kong

Key vision Kelly Wang 
海報主視覺  王佳怡  
Brush Rest, 2023, 67x 137x91cm

Living Paper
Dates Jan 10 – Mar 9, 2024
Opening Reception Jan 10 17:00 – 19:00
Venue 11 Duddell St, Central, Hong Kong

Cyano-Collage 186
Cyan0-Collage 186
225 x 90 cm, 2023

Wu Chi-Tsung will ring in the new year with his participation in the group exhibition Living Paper, presented by Galerie du Monde and explores the diversity and versatility of paper as a medium, as well as its limitless potential for creating a visual dialogue.

Established in 1974, Galerie du Monde is hosting this exhibition as part of its 50th-anniversary celebration series. The exhibition is curated by Olivia Wang who is an art consultant, curator and writer, with a focus in contemporary Asian ink art, and features recent works from Wu Chi-Tsung’s Wrinkled Texture Series and Cyano-Collage Seriesalong with works from nine other Asian artists including Chiang Yomei, Fu Xiaotong, Hung Fai, Young-sé Lee, Ling Pui Sze, Ma Hui, Wai Pong-yu, Kelly Wang and Zheng Chongbin. The curator shares that “while the material enables artists to engage with their artistic traditions, the multivalence of the material itself lends itself to endless possibilities of exploration and creation. In the hands of this group of artists, paper becomes alive and comes into its own being.” 

Believing that interacting with materials and technology is a crucial part of art creation, Wu Chi-Tsung’s daily working routine revolves around paper: treating, crumbling, exposing, “washing,” reassembling, and, most importantly, experimenting. To the artist, xuan paper possesses the most complicated and sensitive qualities among all papers. With different manufacturing methods, it is capable of producing a wide range of delicate ink colors. “Through my work, I hope to bring more attention to xuan paper and contribute to the industry, allowing traditional Eastern media to breathe new life into the contemporary art world.”

 Wrinkled Texture 165
 Wrinkled Texture 165
150 x 75 cm, 2023

 2024年1月10日 – 3月9日 
開幕酒會 2024年1月10日17:00 – 19:00
地址 香港中環都爹利街11號

吳季璁將參展香港世界畫廊群展《活紙》,為新年拉開序幕。世界畫廊成立於1974年,本展將開啟畫廊五十週年慶系列活動。展覽策展人汪鈴是一名藝術顧問、策展人與作者,她長期關注亞洲當代水墨領域。展覽將探索紙張作為媒介的多樣性和多功能性,以及創造視覺對話的無限潛力。吳季璁的《皴法習作》系列將與蔣友梅、傅小桐 、 熊輝 、 李隆世 、 凌佩詩 、 馬蕙 、 韋邦雨 、 王佳怡、鄭重賓等其他九位亞洲藝術家的作品共同呈現,深入探討紙張的豐富物質性和文化內涵。策展人分享道:「紙張作為媒材令藝術家能夠與他們的藝術傳統互動,而紙張本身的多重性質也為無窮的創新與多樣的創作提供了可能性。在這群藝術家的手中,紙張變得有生命且展現了自身的存在價值。」


Installation view

Solo Exhibition Wu Chi-Tsung: Synchronicity at the Katonah Museum of Art

Installation view

Wu Chi-Tsung: Synchronicity 
Dates July 9 -October 1, 2023 
Artist Talk July 9 14:00 – 15:00
Venue 134 Jay Street, Katonah, NY 10536

The Katonah Museum of Art (KMA) presents Wu Chi-Tsung: Synchronicity, which marks Chi-Tsung’s first solo museum exhibition. The exhibition will focus on the artist’s most recent body of work, his Cyano-Collage Series, that seamlessly incorporates Eastern aesthetics with collage and photographic processes to create sublime reinterpretations of traditional Chinese Shan Shui (mountain-water) landscape paintings. A meditative video installation in the main galleries and an immersive installation in the project gallery will provide further examples of Wu’s diverse and innovative practice. On July 9, Wu Chi-Tsung will join KMA Executive Director Michelle Yin Mapplethorpe for an in-depth discussion on his dynamic and interdisciplinary practice. 

The Katonah Museum of Art is a non-collecting institution geared towards visual arts, located in Katonah, New York. From its inception, the KMA was committed to presenting exceptional art from all cultures and time periods. The founders’ decision to be a non-collecting institution resulted in a dynamic and flexible exhibition program, which remains one of the most distinctive features of the Museum. 

In November, after the successful closing of his first institutional solo show in the US at the Katonah Museum of Art, Wu Chi-Tsung has donated his Cyano-Collage 179 to the Katonah museum for its annual live benefit auction that supports for the Museum’s acclaimed exhibitions, educational programs, and forward-thinking initiatives. 

Installation view

日期 2023年7月9日 – 10月1日 
藝術家講演  2023年7月9日14:00 – 15:00
地址 134 Jay Street, Katonah, NY 10536

卡托納美術館(KMA)呈獻「吳季璁:Synchronicity」,這標誌了吳季璁的首次美術館個展。本次展覽將聚焦於吳季璁的《氰山集》系列新作,介紹藝術家將東方美學與拼貼、攝影技術進行無縫接合的創作方式,從而呈現藝術家對於傳統中國書畫進行的突破性的再詮釋。此外,展覽還將展出《煙林圖系列》等沈浸式影像裝置,呈現吳季璁多樣而創新的藝術實踐。7月9日,吳季璁將與美術館館長Michelle Yin Mapplethorpe進行對談,分享其充滿活力的跨學科創作。

卡托納美術館是位於紐約州卡托納的一個以視覺藝術為主的藝術機構。從成立之初,KMA 就致力於呈現來自各種文化和時期的傑出藝術。其非收藏機構的特性也令美術館充滿活力、擁有靈活的展覽計劃,是該博物館最獨特的亮點之一。


Installation Views 展覽現場

Installation view
Installation view
Installation view
Installation view

Artist Talk 藝術家對談


Dust 002 At Art Basel Unlimited in Basel, Switzerland

Dust 002

Art Basel Basel, Unlimited Sector
Sean Kelly Gallery Booth U59
VIP Opening June 12, 2023
Public Dates June 15-18, 2023
Venue Messe Basel Messeplatz 10 4058 Basel Switzerland

This week, video installation Dust 002  alongside with new works from the Cyano-Collage Series will be presented at Sean Kelly Gallery’s booth at  Art Basel Unlimited, Art Basel’s pioneering exhibition platform for projects that transcend the classical art fair stand, including large-scale sculptures and paintings, video projections, installations, and live performances.

The Dust was initially created and debuted during Wu Chi-Tsung’s residency at in 2006, which marked his first solo exhibition in an art institution in the United Kindoms. Since then, the work has been exhibited in Germany, Luxembourg and the U.S.. It features a real-time streaming of the reflection of the circulation of dust particles moving in the room. As viewers progress through the space, disrupting the flow of air, the images of flickering dust change constantly and instantaneously creating a captivating relationship between artist and viewer, technology, and chance. Dust not only reorients us to the small beauties of the world but demonstrates our fundamental inability to perceive these phenomena without, in turn, affecting them.

Dust 002

尚凱利畫廊 | Booth U59
公眾展期 2023年6月15-18日
Messe Basel Messeplatz 10 4058 Basel Switzerland




Taipei Dangdai: New Works and Open Studio Party

Cyano-Collage 170
Cyano-Collage 170
146 x 297 cm, 2023

Galerie du Monde|Booth B15
May 11, 2023
Public Dates  May 12 – 14, 2023
Venue  Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center

This week, new works of Wu Chi-Tsung’s will be showcased in Taipei Dangdai Art Fair represented by Galerie du Monde. A fan-shaped Cyano-Collage Serieson aluminium board will be presented together witha newDrawing Studies – MAO Bodhissatva Guanyincreated in Turin, Italythat is commissioned and collected by Museo d’Arte Orientale di Torino. 

公眾展期  2023年5月12日至14日
會址  台北南港展覽館


Wu Chi-Tsung Open Studio Party
 May 12, 2023
Address No.34, Lane 223, Section 3, Chongqing North Road, Datong Dist., Taipei

On May 12, Galerie du Monde will be holding an open studio party at Wu Chi-Tsung’s Taipei studio. For RSVP, please contact [email protected]

地址 台北大同區重慶北路三段223巷34號

5月12日,世界畫廊將於吳季璁台北工作室舉辦開放工作室派對,敬請聯絡[email protected]預約出席。

drawing studies

Drawing Studies Commissioned and Acquired by MAO – Museo d’Arte Orientale di Torino

Drawing Studies -
Drawing Studies – MAO Bodhissatva Guanyin
06‘30’‘, 2022 

Buddha10: A Fragmented display on Buddhist visual evolution 
 May 6, 2023 – September 3, 2023
Venue Via San Domenico, 11 10122 Torino Italia 

On May 6th, the second half of Buddha 10 was unveiled at the MAO – Museo d’Arte Orientale di Torino, where the visual evolution of Buddhist art throughout history shall be explored with renewed vigor. The exhibition is a tapestry of collections from various regions, woven together across time in the museum’s collection. The highlight of the exhibition will be Buddhist sculptures from the Chinese collection, which will offer different perspectives and reflections on the museum and its proud collection of Asian Art. 

Curated by Davide Quadrio who is renowned for working closely in the East Asian art scene over decades, the exhibition will also feature contemporary art practices, among which Wu Chi-Tsung’s Drawing Studies – MAO Bodhissatva Guanyin is commissioned and collected by the museum. The video installation captures the Buddha statue from the museum’s permanent collection and will debut at the museum’s Japanese garden, creating a timeless symphony of art.

Buddha10: A Fragmented display on Buddhist visual evolution 
展期 May 6, 2023 – September 3, 2023
地址  Via San Domenico, 11 10122 Torino Italia 

5月6日,群展Buddha 10的下半部分將於杜林東方藝術博物館開幕,繼續探索佛教藝術跨越歷史的視覺呈現。展覽由長期關註與研究亞洲古代與當代藝術的策展人樂大豆( Davide Quadrio)策劃,將展示博物館收藏中來自不同地理區域、貫穿古今的收藏,並與一系列當代藝術作品共同展示,旨在為博物館豐富的亞洲藝術收藏提供不同的觀點和反思。吳季璁被博物館委託製作並典藏的影像作品《寫生習作——MAO觀音自在坐》將於博物館日本花園的枯山水間首次亮相,呈現出跨越時空的共鳴。

 Installation View 展覽現場
Installation View 展覽現場

calligraphy study

Calligraphy Study

Calligraphy Study 001
Single-channel video, 2min,  2022

Recently, Wu Chi-Tsung debuted his new work series, the Calligraphy Series, at 2023 Hengshan Calligraphy Biennial. Co-organized by Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts and Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center and co-curated by Wu Chao Jen Philip and Chen I Tso, the inaugural biennial, titled “Era of Principle and No Principle Interwoven”,  is centered on the development and future prospect of Chinese Calligraphy in the context of contemporary art.

‘In this video, a length of a paper is attached to a modified treadmill. After turning the treadmill on, Wu uses a brush to write on the moving paper. As he attempts to transcribe the famous Letter of Loss and Confusion ( Mil Whi) by Wang Xizhi, the speed of the paper’s motion makes writing futile as all characters turn out to be entirely illegible. The speed of the treadmill represents the rapid changes in the spatiotemporal setting. Not only is the brush unable to cope with the circumstances, but it is also incapable to engage in a meaningful conversation with the paper. ‘ (Quoted from curatorial statement by Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center)

Calligraphy Study 001
Single-channel video, 2min,  2022



Calligraphy Study 001, Single-Channel Video 2min

Shang Xia

Luxury Fashion Brand SHANGXIA Presents the “Cyano-Collage” Series in its 23FW Collection
中國奢侈時尚品牌SHANGXIA 上下新季成衣呈現《氰山集》系列作品

Shang Xia FW fashion show at Paris Fashion Week
Shang Xia FW fashion show at Paris Fashion Week
Shang Xia 上下巴黎時裝周走秀現場
Shang Xia FW fashion show at Paris Fashion Week
Shang Xia FW fashion show at Paris Fashion Week
Shang Xia 上下巴黎時裝周走秀現場
Shang Xia FW fashion show at Paris Fashion Week
Shang Xia FW fashion show at Paris Fashion Week
Shang Xia 上下巴黎時裝周走秀現場
Shangxia runway
Shang Xia FW fashion show at Paris Fashion Week
Shang Xia 上下巴黎時裝周走秀現場

Wu Chi-Tsung’s Cyano-Collage Series was featured in Shangxia’s FW23 courture collection which debuted at Paris Fashion Week recently. Shang Xia is a Chinese luxury fashion brand backed by Hermès offering high-quality products with a contemporary twist on traditional Chinese aesthetics and crafts. In its FW 23 collection, it reinforces the brand’s exploration of ‘duality’ and how symmetry and asymmetry coexist. 

Shang Xia FW fashion show at Paris Fashion Week
Shang Xia FW fashion show at Paris Fashion Week
Shang Xia 上下巴黎時裝周走秀現場
Shangxia runway
Shang Xia FW fashion show at Paris Fashion Week
Shang Xia 上下巴黎時裝周走秀現場

中國奢侈時尚品牌SHANG XIA上下與吳季璁合作,將其《氰山集》系列作品呈現於品牌的2023秋冬系列成衣,並於近日的巴黎時裝周完成首秀。SHANG XIA上下由蔣瓊耳女士與愛馬仕集團共同創立,提供具有當代中國美學和工藝傳統的高品質產品。在其2023秋冬系列中,該品牌繼續了其對於二元性的探討,思考對稱與非對稱的並存。


New Cyano-Collage Series at Art Basel Hong Kong


Galerie du Monde|Booth 3D17
VIP Preview  Mar 21-22, 2023 
Public Days Mar 23-25, 2023 
Venue  Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

Next week, a new Cyano-Collage will be presented at Galerie du Monde’s booth at Art Basel Hong Kong. This piece will be showcased alongside the works of 14 other prominent artists, all of whose creations exudes an ambiguity and with that comes thought provocation, inspiring viewers to question the sense of self.

貴賓預展 2023年3月21日至22日
公眾展期  2023年3月23日至25日
會址  香港國際會議展覽中心


Wrinkled Texture 113

Wrinkled Texture Series At Asia Society Texas’ Ongoing Exhibition

Wrinkled Texture 113
Wrinkled Texture 113
211 x 95 cm, 2021

Summoning Memories: Art Beyond Chinese Traditions
Exhibition Period 
February 10, 2023 – July 2, 2023
Venue 1370 Southmore Blvd. Houston, TX

Wrinkled Texture 113 is featured in Asia Society Huston’s recent group exhibition “Summoning Memories: Art Beyond Chinese Traditions”. Curated by guest curator Dr. Susan L. Beningson, the exhibition highlights works by over 30 contemporary artists of Chinese descent who reinterpret traditions in dynamic and innovative ways.  Across painting, sculpture, and photography, these works were created by both established and emerging artists of different generations who use experimentation to draw on both Eastern and Western art-making practices and materials.The Asia Society’s is a global non-profit organization whose purpose is to navigate shared futures for Asia and the world across policy, arts and culture, education, sustainability, business, and technology.

Curator Susan L. Beningson stated, In his Cyano-Collage series, Wu Chi-Tsung explores the essence of Chinese ink landscape painting, moving beyond the brush to utilize innovative new materials and techniques. To create these evocative landscapes, Wu prepares layers of cyanotype photographic papers, a method used since the mid-1800s. He treats the xuan paper, the material used in traditional Chinese ink landscapes, with a photosensitive coating. The multiple pieces of paper are crumpled, exposed to sunlight, and then mounted into collaged images that resemble the craggy mountain peaks of traditional Chinese ink shan shui (mountain and water) landscape painting – thus creating ink landscapes without the ink. Wu replaces the traditional materials of ink and brush with experimental photography in order to reinvent the process. Wu has said that his landscapes resist any fixed reading: “They could be anything, because they are not representing any real landscape. This is the spirit of a Chinese landscape.. The best works always come from some kind of coincidence… Most artists have a strong ego. We try to control our work. But the more you try to control it, the more likely you lose the possibility. Let the work grow in the way it should.”

日期  2023年2月10日至7月2日
地點 1370 Southmore Blvd. Houston, TX

皴法習作113》正於亞洲協會休士頓分會最近的群展《召喚記憶:超越中國傳統的藝術》中展出。本展由客座策展人Susan L. Beningson博士策劃,集中呈現了三十餘位華裔藝術家的當代藝術作品。作品涵蓋繪畫、雕塑、攝影等類別,均實驗著結合東方與西方的藝術傳統與材料,以創新的方式重新詮釋著傳統。亞洲協會總部位於紐約,是美國一個非牟利組織,創辦宗旨是向世界傳播亞洲文化。

策展人Susan L. Beningson介紹道,「在《氰山集》系列中,吳季璁探索了中國水墨山水畫的本質,運用創新的材料和技術超越了傳統筆觸。為了創造這些意境深遠的山水畫,他使用光敏劑處理宣紙,這是傳統中國水墨山水畫所使用的材料。這些宣紙被揉皺,曝露在陽光下,然後拼貼成山峰嶙峋的山水圖像,與傳統中國水墨山水畫頗為神似。吳季璁用實驗攝影取代了傳統的墨水和筆觸,他不用墨水便創造出了水墨山水對傳統書畫進行了當代的重新詮釋。藝術家表示,他的山水畫抵抗任何固定的解讀『它們可以是任何東西,因為它們不代表任何真實的風景。這就是中國山水畫的精神。最好的作品總是來自某種隨機性…大多數藝術家都有很強的自我。我們試圖控制自己的作品。但是你越想控制它,你就越有可能失去可能性。讓作品按照它應有的方式成長』。」

crystal city

New Crystal City at The 9th Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen) Longhua Sub-Venue

crystal city
Crystal City – Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale for Urbanism\ Architecture
Size variable, 2022
Photo credit: Shangqi Art

The 9th Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen)
Longhua Sub-Venue

“Between Warp and Weft”

Exhibition Period: 30 December 2022 – 30 March 2023

Venue: Dalang Fashion Town, Shenzhen Longhua District

Wu Chi-Tsung is invited to participate in The 9th Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen) at Longhua Sub-Venue, titled “Between Warp and Weft”. Founded in 2005, the biennale aims to build a communication platform for international art scenes in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The Longhua Sub-Venue is curated by Yang Yong and Ji Harou, a series of workshops, forums, screenings and thematic exhibitions will be organized in responding to the theme of sustainability. 

installation view
Crystal City – Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale for Urbanism\ Architecture
Size variable, 2022
Photo credit: Shangqi Art

The work is constructed of numerous transparent plastic boxes whose shadows resemble geometrical skyscrapers when a moving light casted on. The ordinary materials used in this artwork remind viewers of the realistic world; however, it leads people to a further imaginary scene. Chi-Tsung introduces, “there is another invisible world in which we live every day. It is made up of electronic equipment, programs, networks, media and information, and I call it ‘Crystal City’… It is becoming our new spiritual home in the contemporary world”

installation view
Crystal City – Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale for Urbanism\ Architecture
Size variable, 2022
Photo credit: Shangqi Art

第九屆深港雙城雙年展龍華分展場  —「經緯之間」



第九屆深港城市 \ 建築雙城雙年展(深圳)龍華分展場「經緯之間」展期由即日至2023年3月30日,藝術家吳季璁獲邀參與展覽。創立自2005年,雙年展旨在為深圳及香港兩地提供平台,以當代視覺文化呈現及探討全球普遍存在的城市問題。本屆雙年展的龍華分展場由楊勇及紀浩如策展,三個月的展期將聯動多個時尚集團舉辦多場文化藝術活動,包括工作坊、行走、共創、論壇、放映、快閃、企業館主題展覽等,呼應可持續的概念,製造沉浸式的藝術現場體驗,通過展覽搭建起城市與公眾之間的溝通橋樑。

installation view
Crystal City – Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale for Urbanism\ Architecture
Size variable, 2022
Photo credit: Shangqi Art



Calligraphy Series will Debut at 2023 Hengshan Calligraphy Biennial

2023 Hengshan Calligraphy Biennial 
Exhibition Period
 Jan 20 – Apr 24, 2023
Venue  Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center
Address No. 100, Daren Rd, Dayuan District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan 337

Wu Chi-Tsung will debut his new work series, the Calligraphy Series, at the upcoming 2023 Hengshan Calligraphy Biennial. Co-organized by Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts and Hengshan Calligraphy Art Center and co-curated by Wu Chao Jen and Chen I Tso, the inaugural biennial, titled “Era of Principle and No Principle Interwoven”,  is centered on the development and future prospect of Chinese Calligraphy in the context of contemporary art.

展覽地點 橫山書法藝術館
展覽地址 臺灣桃園市大園區大仁路100號


Installation View 展覽現場

calligraphy study
Calligraphy Study 001
Single-channel video, 2min,  2022


Large Wrinkled Texture Series on Folding Screen will be Exhibited at ART SG in Singapore

Wrinkled Texture - Folding Screen 002
Wrinkled Texture – Folding Screen 002,《皴法習作 屏風之二》
 2022, 215 x 79 x 6pcs

Stand BA04, Galerie du Monde
VIP preview days
 Jan 11, 2023
Public days Jan 12-15, 2023
Venue  Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore

Presented by Galerie du Monde, Wu Chi-Tsung’s new works will be shown at the inaugural edition of Art SG. Founded by The Art Assembly, an affiliation of major international art fairs with a particular focus on the Asia Pacific region comprising Taipei Dangdai, India Art Fair, PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai and the forthcoming Tokyo Gendai, the new international art fair will feature over 150 of the world’s leading galleries, from Singapore and across the globe. Art SG offers a meeting point in Southeast Asia for collectors from the region and beyond to convene and engage with one of the world’s most dynamic cultural landscapes.

Among the new works from the Cyano-Collage Series and the Wrinkled Texture Series specially created for the new fair, it is noteworthy that the Wrinkled Texture – Folding Screen 002 marks the artist’s first attempt to compose on a traditional folding screen. The series applies the classic cyanotype technique to xuan paper. During this process, the artist treats xuan paper with a photosensitive coating that is then crumpled and exposed to sunlight, revealing images that bring to mind the mountainous landscapes often found in Chinese shan shui paintings. Folding Screen 002 was created amidst continuous rain where light, the key catalyst, was insufficient. The artist adjusted the exposure under the low light conditions and eventually achieved the delicate and subtle palette seen in this work.

Cyano-Collage 160,《氰山集之一百六十》, 2022, 120 x 90 cm

Galerie du Monde, BA04展位
公眾開放 2023年1月12~15日
地址 金沙會展中心, 海灣道10號, 新加坡

本週,世界畫廊將攜吳季璁《氰山集》及《皴法習作》系列新作亮相首屆新加坡國際藝術博覽會(Art SG)。藝博會由旗下包括台北當代、印度藝術博覽會、影像上海藝術博覽會及東京現代等國際藝博會的The Art Assembly聯手瑞銀集團呈現,將匯聚來自全球30個地區逾150間全球頂級世界畫廊,為東南亞及世界各地的藏家提供了齊聚一堂的機會,共賞世界上最有活力的文化景觀。

本次值得注目的新作《皴法習作 屏風之二》是吳季璁首次嘗試於大尺幅日式屏風上進行創作。該系列作品使用氰版攝影法之原理,將感光材料塗佈於宣紙上,在陽光下曝曬,過程中不斷調整重塑紙張的皺折,而後水洗定影而形成宛若山巒般的「筆觸」,對於光照有著相當敏感的需求。而本次製作過程中,藝術家在陰雨連綿、光線不足的條件下摸索曝光技巧,最終呈現出淡雅細膩而幽微的色調。


New Cyano-Collage Series will be presented in the upcoming Art Basel Miami Beach by Sean Kelly Gallery

 Cyano-Collage 151
 Cyano-Collage 151 《氰山集之一百五十一》, 2022, 90 x 300cm

Sean Kelly Gallery | Booth D11
Preview November 29 – 30, 2022
Public Dates December 1 – 3, 2022
Venue 1901 Convention Center Drive Miami Beach, FL 33139

New works from Cyano-Collage Series on aluminum board will be presented at the upcoming Art Basel Miami Beach by Sean Kelly Gallery on the fair’s 20th anniversary and Sean Kelly’s 20th year of participation. Since 2002, Art Basel Miami Beach has been a highlight of the global art world calendar, connecting collectors, galleries, artists, and more in an engaging celebration of contemporary art. 

In 2019, when Chi-Tsung joined Sean Kelly Gallery, his Cyano-Collage 064 was exhibited at Art Basel Miami Beach. Being exhibited in the Meridian Section, which is a new curatorial section for large-scale artworks and performances, the artist was able to challenge himself to complete a largest-scaled composition.

Cyano-Collage 064
Installation view of Sean Kelly’s booth in Art Basel Miami Beach Meridians Section, 2019
Cyano-Collage 064, 《氰山集之六十四》,2019, 300x600cm

尚凱利畫廊 | D11展位
預展 2022年11月29-30日
日期 2022年12月1-3日
地址 美國邁阿密會展中心



Wrinkled Texture 127

Wrinkled Texture Series 127 was Donated to Para Site’s Fundraising Auction by Galerie du Monde and Wu Chi-Tsung
吳季璁攜世界畫廊捐贈《皴法習作之一百二十七》支持Para Site藝術空間籌款拍賣會

Wrinkled Texture 127
Wrinkled Texture 127,《皴法習作之一百二十七》,2022, 72 x 88 cm

Para Site’s 2022 Fundraising Auction has come to a fruitful end. Together with Galerie du Monde, Wu Chi-Tsung has donated his Wrinkled Texture 127 to the auction, whose proceeds will directly support our exhibitions, programmes, and educational initiatives. The auction also features artworks by renowned international artists such as John Armleder, Antony Gormley, Qiu Zhijie, and Zhao Gang.

Para Site is Hong Kong’s leading contemporary art centre and one of the oldest and most active independent art institutions in Asia. It produces exhibitions, publications, discursive, and educational projects aimed at forging a critical understanding of local and international phenomena in art and society. 

Wu Chi-Tsung began the Wrinkled Texture series with the intention to reinterpret the traditional texturing method called cun fa in traditional Chinese landscape painting. Instead of using ink and brush, Wuemploys the classical photographic technique cyanotype, to render the textures.

香港Para Site藝術空間的2022年籌款拍賣會於近日圓滿落幕,其中,吳季璁聯手世界畫廊捐贈了《皴法習作之一百二十七》,其拍賣所得將用於支持藝術空間的展覽、公共項目及教育活動。本次拍賣會還展出John Armleder、Antony Gormley、邱志傑、趙剛等國際知名藝術家作品。

Para Site是香港領先的當代藝術中心,亦是亞洲地區歷史最悠久、最活躍的獨立藝術機構之一,致力於推出展覽、出版、研討會與教育項目,提出對本土與國際藝術及社會生態的批判性思考。吳季璁的《皴法習作》系列意在重新詮釋中國傳統水墨畫中的皴法,其中,他使用氰版攝影技術取代筆墨,呈現出山石般的紋理。

ADAA Installation view

Wu Chi-Tsung Solo Presentation at ADAA Art Show

 Cyano-Collage 150
 Cyano-Collage 150 《氰山集之一百五十》, 2022, 146 x 297cm

Wu Chi-Tsung Solo Presentation ADAA Art Show 2022  
Sean Kelly Gallery | Booth A10 

Preview November 2, 2022
Dates November 3 – 6, 2022
Meet the Artists November 6, 2022, 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm (Wu Chi-Tsung will be present)
Venue Park Avenue Armory, New York

Sean Kelly Gallery will present Wu Chi-Tsung Solo Presentation at the ADAA Art Show in New York as the artist’s debut at the Art Show.

Founded in 1962, ADAA is a national non-profit membership organization of art galleries that promotes the highest standards of connoisseurship, scholarship, and ethical practice in the industry. In the classical and elegant neo-Gothic building of the Park Avenue Armory, the exhibition will feature works of art from the Renaissance to the present, including oil paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings and photographs.

The Art Show is distinctive for its focus on solo exhibitions since its inception, allowing galleries to present a comprehensive overview of an artist’s career and explore their aesthetic connotations. This year, 55 of the 78 participating galleries will present solo exhibitions of artists.

This is why Chi-Tsung is particularly looking forward to this solo exhibition. With a historical anchor crossing from the classic to the present, as well as the refined and sophisticated aesthetic taste, ADAA’s focus is in alignment with Chi-Tsung’s professional training and artistic pursuit, where he was trained in the traditions of calligraphy, ink painting, watercolor painting and drawing at a young age, and reflects these time-honored idioms in his contemporary practices. 

With new works from the Cyano-Collage Series and a work from the Still Life Series, the solo aims to reveal how Chi-Tsung’s work reflects “the influence of traditional aesthetics in his contemporary works, and at the same time critically consider how the development of media and technology affect the relationship between people and the world.

Artnet featured Wu’s work as one of the 7 must-see works to seek out at the ADDA Art Show. As described by editor Eileen Kinsella, “So much goes into the creation of Wu Chi-Tsung’s meditative, serenity-inducting Cyano-Collages, such as this giant fan-shaped one, which anchored the works in the solo presentation of the booth, created specifically for the show.”

Cyano-Collage 146
Cyano-Collage 146,《氰山集之一百四十六》,2022, 60 x 60 cm

尚凱利畫廊 | A10展位
預展 2022年11月2日
日期 2022年11月3-6日
藝術家導覽 2022年11月6日正午12時至下午3時 (吳季璁將會在場)
地址 美國紐約公園大道軍械庫



Artnet將《氰山集》系列新作評為“ADAA藝術展中最不容錯過的7件作品”之一,編輯Eileen Kinsella介紹道,「吳季璁那靜謐而令人沈醉的氰山集中蘊含了豐富無比的世界,特別是那件藝術家專門為本次個展創作的巨大的扇形作品」。

Installation views 展覽現場

ADAA Installation view
ADAA Installation view
ADAA Installation view


Drawing Study Series will be exhibited in the Museum of Eastern Art of Turin

Drawing Study - Limestone Head of Bodhisattva, Sui Dynasty
Drawing Study – Limestone Head of Bodhisattva, Sui Dynasty
《寫生習作 - 隋 灰石菩薩首像》2021, 00;21;01

Buddha10: A Fragmented display on Buddhist visual evolution 
Dates October 20, 2022 – September 3, 2023
Preview October 19, 2022
Venue Via San Domenico, 11 10122 Torino Italia

Invited by Davide Quadrio, curator of the exhibition who is renowned for working closely in the East Asian art scene over decades, Wu Chi-Tsung’s Drawing Study Series will be presented at Buddha10: A Fragmented display on Buddhist visual evolution at MAO – Museo d’Arte Orientale di Torino (Museum of Eastern Art). 

The MAO exhibition will feature collections from different geographical areas and expand through a wide chronological period in the museum’s collection, among which Buddhist sculptures from the Chinese collection will be the highlight, with the aim to offer different perspectives and reflections on the museum and its proud collection of Asian art. The antiques will be echoed by a number of contemporary art practices and new works including the Drawing Study Series. The series originated in 2021 inspired by Chi-Tsung’s collaboration with TAO ART SPACE for his solo exhibition in Taipei, in which he uses a flashlight as a paintbrush to capture the silhouette of ancient Buddhist statues and records the tails of light in space, allowing the outlines of the statues to gradually appear. The gentle movement and the dim glow have created a yūgenism (profound grace and subtlety) atmosphere, symphonizing the timeless quality of the statues that were created centuries ago.  

Museum of Eastern Art of Turin
Museum of Eastern Art of Turin 杜林東方藝術博物館

展覽日期 2022年10月20日至2023年9月3日
預覽 2022年10月19日
地址 Via San Domenico, 11 10122 Torino Italia

在策展人樂大豆( Davide Quadrio)的邀請下,吳季璁的《寫生習作》系列作品將於杜林東方藝術博物館的群展《Buddha10》中展出。

本次展覽中,策展人從博物館引以為豪的亞洲藝術收藏中精選出來自不同地域、跨越古今的展品,並同時展示與之呼應的當代藝術作品,旨在為亞洲藝術史提供新穎的解讀視角與反思,此觀念與《寫生習作》的創作初衷不謀而合。《寫生習作》佛像系列起源於2021年吳季璁與台北藝術空間TAO ART SPACE的合作,他用手電筒作為畫筆,捕捉古代雕塑的輪廓,記錄空間中的光跡,輕柔的光線緩緩照亮昏暗的佛像,使其輪廓逐漸顯現,創造了一種幽玄的氛圍,映照出佛像幾個世紀以來的永恒與靜謐。


New Cyano-Collages at Frieze London

Cyano-Collage 154,
Cyano-Collage 154,《氰山集之一百五十四》,2022,·85 x  200 cm 

Stand D09, Sean Kelly New York

VIP Preview days
 October 12-13, 2022
Public days October 14-16, 2022
Venue The Regent’s Park, London, UK

VIP預覽 2022年10月12~13日
公眾開放 2022年10月14~16日
地址 倫敦攝政公園內

Represented by Sean Kelly Gallery, Wu Chi-Tsung’s Cyano-Collage will return to Frieze London 2022 after its debut in the world-renowned fair last year. 



New Cyano-Collage presented at The Armory Show

Cyano-Collage 135,《氰山集之一百三十五》,2022,60 x  60 cm 

Sean Kelly Gallery | Booth 120
VIP Preview Sep 8, 2022
Public Days  Sep 9-11, 2022
Venue  Javits Center, 429 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001, United States

Represented by Sean Kelly Gallery, Wu Chi-Tsung’s new work Cyano-Collage 135 will be participating in the Armory Art Show in New York. Founded in 1994, The Armory Show is New York City’s premier art fair and a leading cultural destination for discovering and collecting the world’s most important 20th- and 21st-century art.

Installation view
Installation view 展覽現場
Installation view
Installation view 展覽現場

尚凱利畫廊 | Booth 120
貴賓預展 2022年9月8日
公眾展期  2022年9月9日至11日
會址  美國紐約 11大道429號,賈維茨會議中心(Javits Center)

本月,尚凱利畫廊將帶著吳季璁的的新作《氰山集之一百三十五》參加位於美國紐約的The Armory Art Show 。作为紐約市首屈一指的藝術博覽會,成立於1994年的軍械庫博覽會匯聚國際頂尖畫廊,是收藏世界上最重要的20世紀和21世紀藝術品的極佳舞台。

Cyano-Collage 130

Cyano-Collage Series on Bronze Marks Wu Chi-Tsung’s Debut in Art Basel Basel

Cyano-Collage 130
Cyano-Collage 130,《氰山集之一百三十》,2022,60 x  60 cm 

Sean Kelly Gallery Hall 2.1, Booth P2

VIP Preview Jun 14-15, 2022

Public Days  Jun 16 – 19, 2022

Venue  Messe Basel, Messeplatz 10, 4058 Basel, Switzerland

This June, the first Cyano-Collage Series created on a bronze panel will be exhibited at Sean Kelly Gallery’s booth which marks Wu Chi-Tsung’s debut in Art Basel in Basel. As the development of the series, the artist has experimentally worked with aluminum panels in 2021 and bronze panels this year as a substitute for wooden baseboards to achieve better durability of the works. The metal quality of the baseboard creates a distinct reflection that leaks through the Cyano-Collage landscape and broadens the potential of the series. 

尚凱利畫廊2.1大廳, P2展位

貴賓預展 2022年6月14日至15日

公眾展期  2022年6月16日至19日

會址  瑞士巴塞爾展覽中心



Quadriptych Cyano-Collage Series in Art Basel Hong Kong

 Cyano-Collage 145
 Cyano-Collage 145, 《氰山集之一百四十五》, 2022, 225 x 90cm x 4pcs

Galerie du Monde|Booth 1C11

VIP Preview May 25-27, 2022 

Public Days May 28-29, 2022  

Venue  Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

In late May, new work from the Cyano-Collage Series in a quadriptych composition will be presented at Galerie du Monde’s booth in Art Basel in Hong Kong.  

 Cyano-Collage 145
 Cyano-Collage 145, 《氰山集之一百四十五》, 2022, 225 x 90cm x 4pcs


貴賓預展 2022年5月25日至27日

公眾展期  2022年5月28日至29日

會址  香港國際會議展覽中心


Installation View 展覽現場

installation view
Photography: Sebastiano Pellion di Persano
Courtesy: Sean Kelly, New York
installation view
Photography: Sebastiano Pellion di Persano
Courtesy: Sean Kelly, New York