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[Exhibition Review by ArtAsiaParcific] BENEATH THE SURFACE: WU CHI-TSUNG

At the entrance of Wu Chi-Tsung’s exhibition “Exposé” (2021), curated by Ying Kwok at Galerie du Monde, stood a six-part folding screen depicting blue mountain peaks. The work was made from cyanotype-treated Xuan paper (Chinese rice paper), a laborious process derived from early photography whereby Wu translates the markings of light and time …


creation process

[Critique by Heyshow.com] On the Limitless Imagination in Wu Chi-Tsung’s Interdisciplinary Arts

Recently, Wu Chi-Tsung’s intriguing application of Cyanotype photography was introduced by Heyshow.com, the biggest Taiwan designers’ website with updated designing news and articles. The article reviews the creation process of the Wrinkled Texture Series as well as the Cyano-Collage Series. In the article, the writer Hsu Szuying introduces: …


installation view

[OBSCURA展評] 時間、光與實驗

現於世界畫廊(Galerie du Monde)展出的《現 Exposé》正是把吳季璁近年的實驗作品《氰山集》(Cyano-collage)向大眾呈現出來。2019年時,他在台北舉行的個人展覽《東橋西照Echo》也有展示《氰山集》系列,同樣是穿越詩意山水的概念,但展示方式卻是截然不同。《東橋西照Echo》把作品展示在一所有歷史感的殘舊大樓裡,部分畫作更是隨意地貼在石灰剝落的牆上或是放在檯的邊緣,任由它懸垂在地上。這次在方正、潔淨又優雅的畫廊裡展出,又是另一種體驗吳季璁作品的方式。「我們刻意地把一幅大型六聯屏作品放置於展場入口,令觀眾必須要繞過這作品才看到其他展品,如行山一樣,攀過一座山才看到其他的風景。我們希望觀眾能夠一層一層地發現和探索,如中國山水畫強調的『可行、可望、可游』;吳季聰塑造他…


Wrinkled Texture 109

“EXPOSÉ” listed as ‘best art exhibitions to visit this month’ by Lifestyle Asia
《EXPOSÉ現》被Lifestyle Asia收錄為本月最佳展覽

Wu Chi-Tsung’s ‘Exposé’ was recommended by Lifestyle Asia in their article “A comprehensive round-up of the best art exhibitions to visit this month” published on April 8th. Editor Joey Wong introduces the exhibition as below: “A perfunctory gaze will perhaps write off Wu Chi-Tsung’s ‘Exposé’ exhibition as a simple series of mount…


“Exposé” WAS LISTED AS 10 Must-See Art Exhibitions In Hong Kong In April 2021 BY TATLER HONG KONG

In the recent exhibition review “10 Must-See Art Exhibitions In Hong Kong In April 2021“, Talter Hong Kong has listed “Exposé” as one of the must-see exhibitions in Hong Kong this April. Below is a quote from the report: Cyanotype was invented to duplicate engineering drawings and was one of the first ways of creating photographic image…


Wu Chi-Tsung presents a short video as was invited by Sean Kelly Gallery

Wu Chi-Tsung shares his daily musings about working and staying motivated during this difficult time from his studio in Taipei, Taiwan as he participates in the #inthestudio program launched by @seankellyny.  In this abstract yet frank video, Wu Chi-Tsung presents a poetic duet dance with one of his favorite material, the light. Together they&…



Critique on Galarie Magazine: 9 Must-See Artworks in Art Basel’s New Meridians Sector in Miami Beach

9 Must-See Artworks in Art Basel’s New Meridians Sector in Miami Beach Dedicated to monumental, museum-worthy installations, videos, and paintings, the inaugural Meridians section is not to be missed by PAUL LASTER NOVEMBER 29, 2019 Cyano-Collage 064, 300 x 600 cm, presented in Art Basel Miami Fair Art fairs need to continuously stay fresh, ev…


Wu Chi-Tsung – one of The Top 10 Artists Under 35 in 2014

article excerpt: The Top 10 Artists Under 35 in 2014 by ARTSY EDITORIAL Dec 23, 2014 “The most extraordinary moment of 2014, for me, was winning the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, which has been a longstanding dream of mine since my university days in London,” Richard Mosse, the 34-year-old photographer and filmmaker who tops this year’s list of…


Solo “Wu Chi-Tsung: Dust” has been listed as the week’s essential art shows in UK by The Guardian Guide

Solo exhibition “Wu Chi-Tsung: Dust” in Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK has been listed as one of the week’s essential art shows in UK by The Guardian Guide. As the viewer moves around the space, disturbing the airflow, the artist’s highly sophisticated equipment projects the movement of the otherwise invisibly displaced dus…


the Guardian to list Wu Chi-Tsung’s Solo as the week’s essential art shows in UK

Wu Chi-Tsung’s Solo exhibition “Recalibrate” has been listed as one of the three the week’s essential art shows in UK by The Guardian Guide. “Taiwanese artist Wu Chi-Tsung is remarkable in his ability to adapt traditions of Chinese landscape ink painting and shadow puppetry to our contemporary world. The two insta…