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Phantom of Civilization 文明幻魅

Interview with the artist Chi-Tsung Wu in the framework of the exhibition Phantom of Civilization.    2015年5月16日-9月6日 策展人|鄭慧華、凱文・穆蘭 Kevin Muhlen 開幕|2015.5.16(Sat) 展期|2015.5.16 – 9.6 地點|盧森堡卡西諾當代藝術中心(Casino Luxembourg — Forum d’art contemporain) 開幕演出|王福瑞 :超傳波 Hyper Transmission 盧森堡卡西諾當代藝術中心(Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art conte…


Roppongi Art Night 2015

  [Date] 4/25 18:22 ~ 4/26 4:56 [Place] Reine Building [Participation fee] FREE Wire Ⅰ, Crystal City 002, Wu Chi-Tsung Installations on the streets   The structure of projector is similar to that of a slide projector.The greatest difference is that the imaging magnifier in front will constantly move back and forth.With the changing focal length,the…