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Artist-in-residency: Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, 2017 July


Selected by Taiwan Ministry of Culture and Kunstlerhaus Bethabien, Germany, Wu Chi-Tsung will be joining the artist residency program at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, in July.

吳季璁獲選文化部「選送文化相關人才出國駐村交流計畫」,將於今年七月前往德國貝塔寧藝術村(Kunstlerhaus Bethanien)駐村。


About Kunstlerhaus Bethanien

The Künstlerhaus Bethanien is an international cultural centre in Berlin. An artist-in-residence programme with workspaces for professional artists and exhibition spaces, it is dedicated to the advancement of contemporary visual arts. As part of its residency scheme, it aims to establish a lively dialogue between artists from various backgrounds and disciplines, and the public at large.

To achieve these goals, the Künstlerhaus Bethanien organises a wide range of events ranging from monthly exhibition openings to private and public studio visits (“Open Studios”). The focus of its manifold missions is the International Studio Programme, where artists from around the world conceive and present new projects with the help of its team. The Künstlerhaus Bethanien continually strives to expand its international network by securing new partnerships.

The Künstlerhaus furthermore encourages critical reflection on subjects related to contemporary art and culture through its wide range of publications, among which artists’ and exhibition catalogues as well as the Be Magazine, a yearly journal for art and criticism. The present booklet provides readers with extensive information on the institution’s activities and this year’s artists-in-residence.


4/29 Open Studio:Unlocked
空場藝術聚落: 開放工作室



此外,空場也邀請到〈Artist in the World〉計畫藝術家André Smits駐村,並在Open Studio當天下午兩點與空場的藝術家們進行對談。晚間七點給力電影院 Gelivable Cinema NO.10 “Art in and out of the Studio”將放映「工作室之內與之外的藝術」特別選集,內容有關表演、行為藝術與錄像藝術對藝術從物件製造到更加過程導向的藝術實踐。
開放工作室參觀完後,晚上八點於The LAB Space 實演場將由蝴蝶效應劇團演出洛基恐怖秀 The Rocky Horror Picture Show,歡迎前往欣賞。


日期|2017 4.29 10:00-24:00
地點|空場藝術聚落 北投路一段9號 3樓

Limitless Landscapes, Mar. 18 – Apr. 30, Art Influence Gallery
極限風景, 3/18-4/30, 心動藝術空間

Limitless Landscapes

Limited Landscapes

HU Yung-Fen

WU Chi-Tsung, LIN shukai, KAO Yating, CHEN Wan-Jen, LIAO shin-Yu, Ava HSUEH, HSIEH Mu-Chi

Exhibition Dates
18 March – 30 April 2017

Art Influence Gallery
No. 3, Lane 90, Section 1, Anhe Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

It was only 500 years ago that landscape paintings became a new form of western artwork. In other words, the landscape painting is the first proof of liberation and progressiveness in human civilization. Nowadays, “landscape paintings” continue to arouse specific stereotypes today. People tend to think of landscape paintings as depictions of mountains and rivers, grass, and trees, or various natural phenomena such as thunders and lightning, tornados, clouds, rain, or fogs, and different traces of human activity, such as paths and architecture. This categorization spread to Taiwan and still used today, proof of landscape painting, which has transformed into a typed form, seeping into the art education in Taiwan and stiffening the concept through systematic art education.

The concept behind “Limitless Landscapes” is to present the “landscape painting,” this classic and precious painting category that was originally limitless and filled with charming quality but has gradually become stiff and lacking in imagination. This exhibition is a declaration and attempt of revitalization and extension.

The word “limitless” was inspired by extreme sports. As we all know, extreme sports refer to a group of dangerous sports activities that require skills and physical strength. The “extreme” in extreme sports is linked to the concept of limitations. Therefore, my own interpretation of the word “limitless” extends to the borders of possibility: re-extending, re-exploring, repeatedly trying and developing all possibilities.

This may not be a logical or trendy title, but it is a theme with rich meaning and forever deserves investigation, classic and contemporary at the same time. This opening exhibition curated for Art Influence and the seven participating artists elaborate the multivariate creative interpretations of “landscape” in contemporary Taiwanese art.


wu chitsung-drapery studies






臺北市大安區安和路一段90巷3號 (捷運信義安和站 1 號出口)

3/26(日)15:00 與談人:廖仁義老師 藝術家:高雅婷、謝牧岐、林書楷
4/23(日)15:00 與談人:蕭瓊瑞老師 藝術家:薛保瑕、吳季璁、廖心瑜、陳萬仁






wu chitsung-drapery studies

Wu Chi-Tsung solo: Inwardscape, Feb 15-Mar 14, Hong Kong
「吳季璁個展-憬」2/15 – 3/14,香港

Crystal City 007 Wu Chi Tsung

Wu Chi-Tsung, Crystal City 007, Installation, Dimensions Variable, 2015

Wu Chi-Tsung Solo Exhibition: Inwardscape 


Press Preview
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 4:00-6:00pm

Opening Reception
Wednesday 15 February 2017, 6:00-8:30pm

Exhibition Dates
16 February – 14 March 2017

Galerie du Monde
108 Ruttonjee Center, 11 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong


Galerie du Monde will be presenting the first solo exhibition of work by Taiwanese artist, Wu Chi-Tsung (b. 1981, Taipei, Taiwan), in Hong Kong. The exhibition will run from 16 February to 14 March, 2017. With a passion for the interpretation and production of images, Wu has been working across the mediums of photography, video, and installation, to create artworks which challenge our perceptions of our physical and natural worlds. The upcoming exhibition will present a diverse range of artworks from various series, representing ten years of development in the artist’s work. Brand new works on display will include Wu’s Drapery Studies series (2014-2017), never seen before by the public, as well as recent video works. Also on display will be the artist’s renowned Cyanotype works and a large scale, site-specific installation Crystal City 007.


Crystal City 007 (2015), which is regarded as characteristic of the artist’s Crystal City series and was previously shown at the International Ink Art Biennale of Shenzhen in 2016, is the artist’s term for the virtual world which is made up of electronic equipment, networks, programs, media and information. Wu will project a variable shadow cityscape onto the gallery walls: the projection alters the landscape and results in the constant changing of the shapes and shadows of the work.


The new series, Drapery Studies (2014-2017), explores the notions of body, volume and texture, inspired by the drapery of classical Greek and Roman sculpture. In this way, the artist links traditional western art forms to the idealistic and poetic concept of space in oriental culture. Via his work, Wu attempts to study the relationships between materials and techniques. Wu creates the artworks by wrinkling linen, then painting it with multiple layers of rabbit-skin glue and using Gesso to fix the shape, before finally painting it with oil paint or toner. The work is a hybrid of painting, sculpture and installation, which Wu sees as an experimental mix and exploration of techniques used in both Chinese landscape painting and traditional Western art forms. The new series builds on the artist’s Wrinkled Texture series. The three works on display will be shown to the public for the first time.


Cyanotype photographic artworks from the artist’s Cyano-Collage series (2016-2017) will be presented as part of the exhibition. This series is inspired by the texturing technique (cun-fa) which is often used in Chinese landscape painting (Shan Shui). The method involves covering the rice paper in a photosensitive solution before continually crumbling it whilst it is exposed to direct sunlight, to create the effect of light and shadow on the paper. The resulting experimental photography montages are re-interpretations of the concept of Chinese landscape painting; the artworks resembling mountain ranges and tumultuous blue seas.


The two videos Landscape in the Mist (2012) and Still Life (2016) show Wu extending his examination of traditional Chinese landscape painting and moving images in an attempt to describe the fluidity of state, intersections, and ambiguities.


‘Galerie du Monde is delighted to host Wu’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong and to collaborate closely  with the artist on such an ambitious and innovative selection of works. We are proud to present work by this talented young Taiwanese artist, who beautifully and thoughtfully explores the intersection between traditional Chinese painting with new art forms and mediums in his works’

— Fred Scholle, Founder & Chairman, Galerie du Monde


Wu Chi-Tsung, Cyano-Collage 007, 90 x 155 x 10 cm, cyanotype photography collage, 2014

Wu Chi-Tsung, Cyano-Collage 007, 90 x 155 x 10 cm, cyanotype photography collage, 2014






Galerie du Monde 世界畫廊


世界畫廊(Galerie du Monde)呈獻台灣藝術家吳季璁(1981年生於台灣台北)的首次香港個展《憬》,展期自2017年2月16日至3月14日。吳季璁熱衷於對影像的解讀與創作,其作品透過不同的媒材如攝影、錄像與裝置,挑戰觀者對真實及自然世界的固有概念。《憬》以豐富的創作系列全面介紹藝術家十年中的藝術發展脈絡。世界畫廊(Galerie du Monde)首次呈獻吳季璁從未公開展出過的全新作品系列《布紋習作》(2014-2017年)、近期錄像作品。同時展出的亦有藝術家具標誌性的氰版攝影作品,以及大型場地特定裝置作品《水晶城市007》。








同時展出藝術家的錄像作品《煙林圖》(2012年)與《小品》(2016年), 這些作品深刻探討傳統中國山水繪畫與流動影像之間的關係,其試圖描述其中流變不定、交錯與曖昧的狀態。


「世界畫廊(Galerie du Monde)欣然呈獻吳季璁首次香港個展,與藝術家密切合作展出一系列極具規模並創新的作品。我們非常榮幸展出這位優秀年輕台灣藝術家,他對於傳統中國繪畫與嶄新藝術形式及媒材的聯結與探索細緻入微、美輪美奐。」

——世界畫廊(Galerie du Monde)創始人蘇法烈(Fred Scholle)


Wu Chi-Tsung, Drapery Studies 005 (detail), 50 x 30 cm, oil on canvas, 2016


Press release for download 下載新聞稿
English | 繁體中文简体中文

artist talk Dia Projects HCMC

Artist talk and presentation: Wu Chi-Tsung, Nguyen Manh Hung and Cam Xanh. Jan. 6 ,2017. Dia Projects HCMC, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
藝術家座談:吳季璁、Nguyen Manh Hung、Cam Xanh. 2017.1.6. 胡志明市,越南

Artist Talk and Presentation

Wu Chi-Tsung, Nguyen Manh Hung and Cam Xanh

January 6, 2017

Dia Projects, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The event is a cultural exchange which introduce Wu Chi-Tsung, Nguyen Manh Hung and Cam Xanh to the creative community in Vietnam.

This talk features two parts, the first part gives an introduction and conversation between Nguyen Manh Hung and Cam Xanh about their exhibited works at the International Workshop for Asian Young Artists Exchange in Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition 2016 at Jeonbuk Museum of Art and nearby Area, September 2016. In the second part, artist Wu Chi-Tsung presents his line of work and shares with the onlookers his experiences of working on multiple different fields of contemporary art.

dia projects

photo courtesy of Dia Projects


The Lost Diary of Beijing, Star Gallery, Beijing Nov.19 – Dec. 23
京畿梦华录, 星空間, 北京 11.19 – 12.23

untitled by wu chitsung

“Untitled”, Wu Chi-Tsung, photography, 2012
《無題》, 吳季璁, 攝影, 2012

The Lost Diary of Beijing

Cai Dongdong, Iida Yuko, Huang Yuxing, Ni Jun, Pang Kuan, Peng Lei, Tang Meng, Tong Tianqing, Wang Yifan, Wen Ling, Wu Chi-Tsung, and Zhang Hui

2016.11.19 – 2016.12.23

Star Gallery, Beijing (C5 Qikeshu Creative Park. No.55 Banjieta Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing,China 100016)

In Chinese, 京畿 ( Jing-ji ) means a country’s capital and its environs, and here it refers to Beijing, the capital of People’s Republic of China, as well as its vicinity. The exhibition will be featuring works from 12 artists, including Cai Dongdong, Iida Yuko, Huang Yuxing, Ni Jun, Pang Kuan, Peng Lei, Tang Meng, Tong Tianqing, Wang Yifan, Wen Ling, Wu Chi-Tsung, and Zhang Hui, who have various connections with Beijing. They were so close to the city that most of them either were born here or have stayed for a long time. Homing its artists, so to speak, the exhibition will take the audience into a dream journey to the memories, realities and fantasies of Beijing.



藝術家: 蔡东东、饭田祐子、黄宇兴、倪军、庞宽、彭磊、唐猛、仝天庆、王一凡、温凌、吴季璁、张晖

展期: 2016.11.19 – 2016.12.23

地點: 星空间, 北京 (中国 北京市朝阳区半截塔村路55号七棵树创意园C5100016)


cyano collage 青山集 Wu Chi-Tsung 吳季璁

氰山集系列 Cyano-collage SERIES

氰山集之十一 Cyano-Collage 011


In the early spring of 2015, Mr. Ni Tsai-Chin, a prestigious artist and art critic in Taiwan, died of disease. When learning the news, I recalled a summer vacation more than 10 years ago some friends and I served as assistants of Mr. Ni. We experienced a memorable summer in Mr. Ni’s dormitory in Tunghai University. Being indulged in calligraphy and ink art all day, we often chatted extensively from southern transition of Chinese landscape paintings in Song dynasty to the western art made in Taiwan. His expanded horizons, insightful arguments, integrated knowledge of traditional and contemporary arts, and persistence in defending cultural subjectivity have nourished my art development since my novice periods.


To commemorate Mr. Ni, I present Cyano-Collage in a form of ink painting collage, what is Mr. Ni’s conventional method, combines with wrinkled-texture cyanotype. Rice papers with photosensitive coating were wrinkled and exposed under sunlight to record the lighting and shading on the paper. A selection from dozens of pieces of cyanotype photographic paper was reorganized and edited before mounting on a canvas. The work is displayed in a style resembling Chinese Shan Shui and photomontage.


Cyano-Collage substitutes ink and brush strokes used in traditional Chinese Shan Shui with experimental photography to interpret the imagery of landscape in Eastern culture.










cyano collage 青山集 Wu Chi-Tsung 吳季璁

Cyano-Collage 001
Cyanotype photography, Xuan papers, acrylic gel
180cm X 407cm



cyano collage 青山集 Wu Chi-Tsung 吳季璁



Cyano-Collage 11

Cyano-Collage 011
Cyanotype photography, Xuan papers, acrylic gel
488cm X 244cm



Cyano Collage 011



氰山集020 Cyano-collage 020_90x300cm

Cyano-Collage 020
Cyanotype photography, Xuan papers, acrylic gel
90cm X 300cm




Cyano-Collage 024
Cyanotype photography, Xuan papers, acrylic gel
180cm X 360cm



CyanoCollage 039

Cyano-Collage 039
Cyanotype photography, Xuan papers, acrylic gel, Silk
180cm X 180cm



Cyano Collage 045

Cyano-Collage 045
Cyanotype photography, Xuan papers, acrylic gel
122cm X 244cm


Cyano Collage 045

SU wen-chi and WU chi-tsung workshop at Westkowloon

SU Wen-chi X WU Chi-tsung 《New Works Forum》workshop, Westkowloon, Hong Kong
蘇文琪 X 吳季璁《新作論壇》工作坊 – 香港西九文化區

SU wen-chi and WU chi-tsung workshop at Westkowloon

2016年10月4 – 8日



Interview and hightlights: SU Wen-chi X WU Chi-tsung 《New Works Forum》workshop, Westkowloon, Hong Kong
吳季璁x蘇文琪 香港西九文化區《新作論壇》工作坊訪談與花絮

Interview: Wu Chi-Tsung’s point of view towards new media arts

ASIA YOUNG 36 – Asia Modern Art Exhibition 2016, Korea
아시아현대미술전 2016

Asia Young 36

2. 9. 2016 – 27. 11. 2016

Jeonbuk Museum of Art, South Korea

Korea / 김기라_김남현_김영봉_박경종
박성수_박재연_박종찬_씬 킴_안지산_유목연
China / Lu-Yang_Nut Brothers(Ren Zheng Wang)
Bangladesh / Urmi(Farzana Ahmed)
India / Mansoor Ali_Parag Sonarghare_Reshma Nair
Indonesia / Rudy Atjeh(Rudy Dharmawan)
Darbotz(Darma Adhitia)_Wukir Suryadi
Japan / Kumpei Miyata
Malaysia / Chang Yoong Chia_Justin Lim
Mongolia / Enkhbold Togmidshiirev
Myanmar / Nge Lay(Hlaing Yu Par Wint)
Nepal / Sheelasha Rajbhandari
Philippines / Aze Ong(Ramirez Azenith Elaine)_Dexter Fernandez
Taiwan / Wu Chi-Tsung
Thailand / Sai (Wannaphon Chimbanchong)
Vietnam / Manh Hung Nguyen_Cam Xanhs(Thanh Ha Tran Thi)


Asia Young 36 is an international exhibition that advocates the avant garde-ness, dynamism, and experimental nature of art. The exhibition is opening doors for 36 young artists from 14 Asian countries to use their art and fulfill their potential. It sheds light on various social issues plaguing Asia today with modern art. Meanwhile, the five day international exchange workshop gives participants a chance to share a wide spectrum of problems in Asia. Key figures in the art world including artists, curators, and critics interact with one another to build a consensus at the workshop and offer new values and discourse that the Korean art world must aim for. Jeonbuk Museum of Art expects the international exhibition and the workshop to become a hub of modern art in Asia. Also, the event is a special exhibition worth noting as a specialization strategy for stimulating local art and public or national art galleries.



2016-09-02 ~ 2016-11-27
전북도립미술관 본관 
<아시아 청년 36>은 아시아의 전위성, 역동성, 실험성을 표방한 국제전. 아시아 14개국 36명 청년미술가의 힘과 가능성을 열고 있다. 현재의 아시아가 담고 있는 다양한 사회 문제들을 현대미술로 들추어낸다.
한편으로 4박 5일간의 국제교류 워크숍을 통해 아시아 속에 있는 다양한 스펙트럼의 지역 문제들을 공유한다. 워크숍을 통해 미술가, 미술관장, 평론가 등 미술계 주요 인사들이 교류하고 공감하면서 한국미술이 지향해야 할 새로운 가치와 담론을 제시할 것이다.
국제전과 워크숍을 통해 전북도립미술관은 아시아현대미술의 허브로 작용할 것을 기대한다. 또한, 지역 미술 활성화와 국공립미술관의 특성화 전략의 하나로도 주목할 만한 특별전이다.
Ink Gene 近墨者

Ink Gene – Double Square Gallery. July 16 – Aug. 21, 2016
近墨者 – 双方藝廊 7/16 – 8/21

Ink Gene 近墨者

Ink Gene
Curator: Chang Li-Hao
Artists: Chen Chun-Hao, Hsu Yunghsu, Lin Chuan-Chu, Peng Hung-Chih, Tseng Yong-Ning,  Wu Chi-Tsung, Yao Jui-Chung
Time: July 16, 2016 – August 21, 2016
Venue: Double Square Gallery (No.28, Lane 770, Beian Road, Taipei 104, Taiwan)


双方藝廊將於7月16日展出「近墨者」(Ink Gene),由策展人張禮豪策劃,集結七位優秀台灣當代藝術家陳浚豪、徐永旭、林銓居、彭弘智、曾雍甯、吳季璁及姚瑞中,展覽至8月21日。策展人認為一個人無論來自那個國家、地區與種族,縱然一生未曾履足他地,體內基因卻可能比我們所能想像的走得更遠,覆蓋的地理幅員更廣闊,時間的跨度也更加悠久。



WCdance panta rhei

WCdance《Panta Rhei》Set Design – Wu Chi-Tsung
林文中舞團2016製作《流變 Panta Rhei》舞台設計 – 吳季璁

WCdance panta rhei

After the thirteenth Taishin Arts Award winning piece “Long River”, choreographer Wen-Chung Lin presents the hydrodynamics research of dancing body again. “Panta Rhei” still has Lin’s peculiar attempt to integrate Eastern and Western dance vocabulary, while narrates the philosophy of “everything flows” at the same time. It’s a vibrant dance accompanying vicissitudes and introspection with the passage of time.

Performance dates
June 4, 2016, 19:30
June 5, 2016, 14:30

City Stage (No. 25, Section 3, Taipei, Taiwan)

NTCH Ticketing System
For more ticket discount information, please contact WCdance +886 2 28913306





2016年06月04日 19:30
2016年06月05日 14:30

臺北市藝文推廣處城市舞台 ( 台北市八德路三段25號 )


真實的假象- 上海民生美術館

真实的假像 – 上海二十一世纪民生美术馆
The Shadow Never Lies, Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum

真實的假象- 上海民生美術館


The exhibition will be exhibiting Wu’s installation work – Wire IV.
展覽將展出吳季璁裝置作品 《鐵絲網四》。


2016-04-30 – 2016-07-31
上海 – 上海
策 展 人:


Wu Chi-Tsung Studio 吳季璁工作室

4/9-4/10 Annual Open Studio at Polymer
空場藝術聚落: 開放工作室

Wu Chi-Tsung Studio 吳季璁工作室

Chi-Tsung Wu Studio will be open. Welcome to visit!


新成員加入 空場持續茁壯中

Tim Budden、二拍子、大腸王、王咏琳、王鼎曄、王璽安、朱駿騰、吳季璁、吳宜曄、吳虹霏、阮義忠、阮璽、岩切澪、林仕杰、施彥君、柯良志、洪司丞、洪翎、徐國良、粟田經弘、草字頭、高雅婷、郭奕臣、陳美蘭、陳振丁、葉佳蓉、楊弘瑜、蔡宜儒、蝴蝶效應劇團、鄭君殿、鄭柏潔

14:30-17:00 藝術家工作室導覽 (朱駿騰、洪翎、鄭君殿、吳季璁、柯良志、郭奕臣、洪司丞、鄭柏潔、蔡宜儒、阮璽、駐村藝術家Andrew Amanda)

14:30-17:00 藝術家工作室導覽(王璽安、高雅婷、吳宜曄、Tim Budden、王鼎曄、楊弘瑜、陳振丁、施彥君、陳美蘭、大腸王、蝴蝶效應劇團)

Address:空場藝術聚落 台北市北投區北投路一段九號3樓

Wu Chi-Tsung Studio 吳季璁工作室

A Touch for the Now - Artyści z Tajwanu i Azji Południowej 觸見今日 - 台灣與東南亞當代藝術聯展

A Touch for the Now – Artyści z Tajwanu i Azji Południowej
觸見今日 – 台灣與東南亞當代藝術聯展

A Touch for the Now - Artyści z Tajwanu i Azji Południowej 觸見今日 - 台灣與東南亞當代藝術聯展


Exhibition Date: March.18 – April.3, 2016
Open Hour: Tue-Fri 13pm-18pm. Sat-Sun 11am-20pm
Opening: 19pm, March.18, 2016
Venue: MONA Inner Spaces – ul.Gwarna 7/100, 61-702 Poznań

Curator: Yipei LEE
Coordinator: Mat Bieczynski, Max Skorwider, Kornelia Drozdek
Exhibition Artists: Wu Chi-Tsung, Zhang En-Man, Huang Po-Chih, Ariel Kuo, Catalina Africa, Agus Suwage, Tromarama, Wong Lip Chin, Tuan Mami, Sutthirat Supaparinya

The Project A Touch for the Now – Artyści z Tajwanu i Azji Południowej is a transmission platform, which would highlight the connection between Asia (Southeast Asia) and Europe (East Europe, fields that are intertwined inside of contemporary art theories and practices, witnessed by many artists and artworks in the global vision. And it will be an open communication between older imagination and newer path with contemporary art in Poland.

本展覽「A Touch for the Now – Artyści z Tajwanu i Azji Południowej 觸見今日 – 台灣與東南亞當代藝術聯展」作為一個資訊轉換站,將呈現亞洲藝術家們在當代藝術的交匯中,從亞洲(東南亞)出發,透過親身經歷或是親眼目睹,連接西方歐洲(東歐與其他地區)當代藝術視野的延伸。期許本展覽不僅打開台灣與亞洲東南亞地區跟東歐對話機會,瞭解亞洲今日的動向,更能從立足亞洲的角度放眼歐洲,建立平等與公開討論藝術的新路徑。

The 9th International Ink Art Biennial of Shenzhen

[New works]The 9th International Ink Art Biennale of Shenzhen

The 9th International Ink Art Biennial of Shenzhen





展期:2016年3月25日(五) – 4月24日(日)



The new artworks of Wrinkled Texture Series will be presenting during the exhibition.

The 9th International Ink Art Biennial of Shenzhen includes “New Chinese painting VS new Chinese ink painting” theme exhibition curated by Hong Lu, “sea of ink new territory” special exhibition curated by Chen Jun ,and “Pengcheng ink rhyme “composition planned by Yang Yang and Jiang Yu. More than 80 well-known artists overseas are invited, and about 300 pieces of works are on display.

The 9th International Ink Art Biennale of Shenzhen

25, Mar. – 24, Apr.

Shenzhen Art Institute, Shenzhen, China


[新作]UP26 震在藝起‧賑災義賣會
[New Work] UP26 Earthquake Relief Charity Event

Polymer UP26


Due to the severe earthquake in Taiwan on Feb 6, 2016, many historical architecture were impact and damaged. In order to show the care and to help, Polymer runs an art charity event which call for artists to donate works for the sale. All income goes directly into cultural heritage restoration in Tainan.
For the event, Wu, Chi-Tsung donates a new video artwork – Still Life 05 – Cherry and the work will be exhibited in UP26 charity exhibition at Polymer gallery.

UP26 Earthquake Relief Charity Event
Feb 27 – Feb 28, 2016
Polymer (3F, No.9, Section 1, Beitou Road, Taipei 112)

因應2月6日台灣所發生的地震,空場舉辦「UP26 震在藝起‧賑災義賣會」義賣活動。
吳季璁捐贈新作 – 小品之五 櫻 AP版,作品將於義賣展覽中展出。
義賣活動所得將全數捐助「台南市政府社會局社會救助金專戶0206震災—指定古蹟與歷史建物重建修繕 」災區古蹟重建之用。

義賣時間:2016/2/27、28 11:00-19:00
義賣地點:空場藝術聚落 (台北市北投區北投路1段9號3樓)


Cherry for 空場義賣 吳季璁


長灘美術館 Long Beach Museum of Art, California, USA
Beyond the Frame: New Media Arts from Taiwan
March 11 – May 29, 2016


Beyond the Frame: New Media Arts from Taiwan

Long Beach Museum of Art
2300 East Ocean Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90803

Thurs: 11AM to 8PM
Fri-Sun: 11AM to 5PM
Phone: (562) 439-2119

March 11, 2016 – May 29, 2016

The Long Beach Museum of Art is honored to present Beyond the Frame: New Media Arts from Taiwan, an innovative exhibition featuring new media artists who continually evolve their creative practice with rapid advances in media technology. The exhibition includes the works of six Taiwanese artists: Daniel Lee, Shyu Ruey-Shiann, Lin Jiun-Ting, Tseng Wei-Hao, Wu Chi-Tsung, and Yao Chung-Han. These artists navigate the line between artistic tradition and modern technology conceptually as well as in form and medium. The exhibition includes works created with new technologies, including video art, virtual art, interactive art, and robotics.

source Long Beach Museum of Art

wuchitsung exhibition hiroshima MOCA video art program

廣島市現代美術館 Hiroshima MOCA
The 49th Video Art Program: Wu Chi-Tsung

001 pine
Still Life 01-Pine, 2009, Single-Channel Video (FullHD), color, 3 min. 19 sec. 26.
《小品之一 松》2009年、シングルチャンネル・ビデオ(フルHD)、カラー、3’19″26

展出作品 《小品之一 松》

2016年2月2日(火)~ 3月6日(日)

Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art
Video Art Program: Wu Chi-Tsung
February 2-March 6, 2016

A lone tree stands shrouded in fog. The scene has a mysterious effect on the viewer: it is nostalgic, seeming to call up memories from the distant past, though leaving us with the feeling that we have never seen it before.

In this work, Wu seeks to fuse the techniques of traditional Western painting with those of Eastern painting. Western landscape painting, which relies on perspective, and East Asian painting, which cannot capture a subject through visual analysis and composition alone, may appear to be diametrically opposed in essence, but this video work fuses the two without any clear sense of the boundary that ought to separate them. The viewer can sense the latent commonalities and connections between different cultures, but at the same time, is made aware of the degree to which biases and preconceptions affect our visual perceptions. What our eyes perceived as a scene of sublime beauty from the vast natural world is actually a small bonsai tree amid artificially generated mist. Here, the boundary separating natural from artificial becomes as indistinct as that between East and West.

Wu Chi-Tsung

Born in 1981, in Taipei, Taiwan, where he now lives and works. Studied painting and sculpture at the Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts. He participated in numerous group exhibitions including at “Roppongi Art Night 2015″ (Tokyo, Japan) in 2015. Solo exhibitions at the IT Park Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan) in 2004 and 2009, the CFCCA (Manchester, UK) in 2013, the Site gallery, (Sheffield, UK) in 2014 and others. He received the Taipei Arts Award in 2003 and the Award of Critics and Editors of Art Magazines (“WRO Media Art Biannual”, Wroclaw, Poland) in 2013.




1981年台北生まれ、同地在住。2004年国立台北藝術大学、美術学院、学士号取得。2015年「六本木アートナイト2015」(東京)など多数のグループ展に参加。2004年、2009年IT Park ギャラリー(台北、台湾)、2013年CFCCA(マンチェスター、イギリス)、2014年サイトギャラリー(シェフィールド、イギリス)などで個展を開催。2003年台北美術賞(台北、台湾)受賞。2013年WROメディアアート・ビエンナーレ金賞(ヴロツワフ、ポーランド)受賞。

video art program:

吳季璁 Chi-Tsung Wu Crystal City松菸 原創基地節 松山菸廠

原創基地節 Taipei Original Festival「創作者•故事」
12/4 – 12/20 於松山文創園區

吳季璁 Chi-Tsung Wu  Crystal City松菸 原創基地節 松山菸廠


【2015 Taipei Original Festival】
Dec. 4 – Dec. 20. Sunday to Thursday 10:00 – 18:00, Friday to Saturday 10:00 – 20:00
Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (No. 133, Guangfu S Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei City, 110. Please enter via Yanchang Rd.)
Tel 02-2765-1388

將展出吳季璁 《水晶城市 – 004》。延續2013-14年英國巡迴個展時的嘗試,開放觀眾入內參與互動,可以隨意拆除和建設每個人想像中的城市。

Chi-Tsung Wu will participate in the exhibition with artwork Crystal City – 004. Continuing the attempt made during his solo shows in UK in 2013-14, people are encouraged to enter the artwork to destroy or to construct an imaginary city by re-placing the boxes.

吳季璁 Chi-Tsung Wu  Crystal City松菸 原創基地節 松山菸廠





吳季璁 Chi-Tsung Wu  Crystal City松菸 原創基地節 松山菸廠

吳季璁 Chi-Tsung Wu  Crystal City松菸 原創基地節 松山菸廠



Wu Chi-Tsung 吳季璁

34th Asolo Art Film Festival
Asolo, Italy

Wu Chi-Tsung participates in the exhibition with the work Landscape In The Mist
吳季璁作品煙林圖參展《TAIWAN VIDEA》臺灣前衛影像展


Wu Chi-Tsung 吳季璁

The Taiwanese Avant-garde Video Exhibition

Curator: Yunnia Yang

Artists: Tsui Kuang-Yu, Pu Shuai-Cheng, Wu Tzu-An, Wang Ding-Yeh, Zhang Xu Zhan, Wang Deng-Yu, Rau Kao, Chang Huei-Ming, Chen I-Chun, Wu Chi-Tsung, Chiang Iuan-Hau, Christian Rizzo, Huang Zan-Lun, and Ho Wei-Ming

2015.11.05 21:30PM

Eleonora Duse Theatre in Asolo, Italy

Close to the internationally contemporary art city Venice, the mountain town Asolo in the Northern Italy holds Asolo Art Film Festival, the oldest art film festival in the world. Founded in 1973, this film festival is famed for its special feature of Art and Artists’ Biographies. The ancient Asolo inspired the Old Masters such as Giorgione, Andrea Palladio, Paolo Veronese, Antonio Canova with its Arcadian paysage. As Venice Biennale is always the spotlight of contemporary art, the annual Asolo Art Film Festival is the conflux of art video creativeness and interdisciplinary art energies, as well as the encouragements of young video artists and the achievements of international cultural exchanges. The 34th edition of Asolo Art Film Festival will take place from October 30 till November 7 in 2015. The focal theme will be “BRICS Art”, including the curatorial projects of art films and performances from Brazil, Russia, India, China, Brazil and South Africa. The Taiwanese curator Yunnia Yang is invited by the 34th Asolo Art Film Festival with her curatorial projects-TAIWAN VIDEAThe Taiwanese Avant-Garde Video exhibition,Imagining CrisisThe International Creative Video Exhibition. The former infuses the features of criticism, originality and diversity from the Taiwanese video art and experimental videos. These 13 videos have been awarded in the national and international film festivals, including video art, performance art, experimental videos, experimental animations, digital animations, MV animations, etc. The artists Tsui Kuang-Yu, Pu Shuai-Cheng, Wu Tzu-An, Wang Ding-Yeh, Zhang Xu Zhan, Wang Deng-Yu, Rau Kao, Chang Huei-Ming, Chen I-Chun, Wu Chi-Tsung, Chiang Iuan-Hau, Christian Rizzo, Huang Zan-Lun, and Ho Wei-Ming will subvert viewers’ given impressions on the Taiwanese culture and arts, crossing over the boundaries between fine art and popular culture. The issues of TAIWAN VIDEAare only concerned about Taiwan, but also about the globally contemporary situations. The universal values of creative thinking are the fundamentals of avant-garde images with subversive strengths. Imagining Crisis explores the origins of creativity ( death instincts, imagination about crisis ), the mutual influences between them and the contemporary survival crises, and the representations of multimedia related to the above-mentioned subjects, which interest Asolo Art Film Festival most. Since 2014, Imagining Crisishas toured around MOCA Taipei, and the contemporary art institutions in Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria and Colombia.



策展人:楊衍畇(Yunnia Yang)

藝術家: 崔廣宇、蒲帥成、吳梓安、王鼎曄、張徐展、王登鈺、高逸軍、張暉明、陳依純、
吳季璁、江元皓、Christian Rizzo(法國)、黃贊倫、何尉民

時間: 2015年11月5日(周四)晚上9:30

地點: 義大利阿索洛市Eleonora Duse劇院

鄰近國際當代藝術大城威尼斯,義大利北部山城阿索洛(Asolo)擁有世界上最古老的藝術電影節-阿索洛國際藝術影展(Asolo Art Film Festival),成立於1973年,以藝術與藝術家自傳為主題聞名,古代的阿索洛是眾多義大利藝術大師如喬奇昂尼(Giorgione)、 帕拉底奧(Andrea Palladio)、維洛內些(Paolo Veronese)、卡諾瓦( Antonio Canova)等激發創意靈感的美景聖地,當今藝術光彩總是聚焦於威尼斯雙年展,而每年舉辦的阿索洛國際藝術電影節在藝術影像創作與跨領域藝術能量的匯聚展現,對青年世代影像藝術的傳承激勵與國際交流令人驚艷。今年影展已邁入第34屆將於20151030日至117日舉辦,主辦單位聚焦「金磚藝術」(BRICS Art)專題,策劃來自「金磚五國」(俄羅斯、中國、巴西、印度、南非)的創意影像與藝術展演,以豐富影展的國際視野與多元觀點。台灣策展人楊衍畇(Yunnia Yang)受邀為影展策畫兩個錄像專題-《TAIWAN VIDEA》台灣前衛影像展、《危奇觀》(Imagining Crisis)國際創意影像展,前者匯聚台灣錄像藝術與實驗影像的批判性、原創性與多元性之能量,這13部作品曾在國際與台灣各大影展獲獎,包含錄像藝術、行為藝術、實驗影像、實驗動畫、數位動畫、MV動畫等類型,參展藝術家包括崔廣宇、蒲帥成、吳梓安、王鼎曄、張徐展、王登鈺、高逸軍、張暉明、陳依純、吳季璁、江元皓、Christian Rizzo、黃贊倫、何尉民,將顛覆觀者對台灣文化藝術的印象,跨越了純藝術與流行文化的界限,議題非僅與台灣相關更與全球當代問題接軌,普世價值的創作思維正是具有顛覆力量的前衛影像所必要的基礎。「危奇觀」探究創意來源(死慾、對危機的想像)如何與當代生存危機交互影響創作與如何以影音媒材表現,亦正是國際藝術影展高度關注的議題之一,本策展計畫自2014年至今已於台北當代藝術館以及波蘭、塞爾維亞、保加利亞、哥倫比亞等當代藝術中心巡迴展出。


Wu Chi-Tsung

汲往 Passing



On Site installation of Suzu 2017: Oku-Noto Triennale
Collaboration with artist Chen Shu-chiang
Motor, found objects, HID
Dimensions variable





Exhibited at Suzu 2017: Oku-Noto Triennale, Japan. This display is set in a warehouse for repairing nets used in the local fishing industry. A large screen is suspended from ceiling to floor in this vast space; behind the screen hang artworks created from items left in the warehouse, along with fishing nets. Lights moving up and down within the nets create dynamic movement, ranging from wave-like undulations to geometric patterns. This is an installation that inspires a scene of dialogue and connection with the region and the universe at large.





布紋習作系列 Drapery Studies Series

Drapery Studies series originate from drapery commonly seen in Graeco-Roman sculptures. Through this simple form, it explores the basic matters in traditional western arts, such as mass, volume, texture, and representation, and combines these with the idealist, poetic space concepts in Chinese culture.


Drapery Studies series is produced in a way identical with the process of making traditional oil paintings. Based on the material system of oil paintings, the linen was shaped randomly into draperies and wrinkles and was coated with multiple layers of rabbit skin glue and gesso to secure its form. After, the pigments or oil color were applied on the material. Differ from general paintings, Drapery Studies forsake pictures, which are deemed the core of paintings, and follows the natural patterns and microscopic imagination to develop the scenery. Its art form is in between painting, sculpture, and installation art, and it is an experiment that integrates the essence of Chinese Shan Shui and western art forms.


Drapery Studies series deals with matters of materials, techniques, art history, and cultural traditions those have been gradually missing in the concept-oriented contemporary art field. Drapery Studies










Drapery Studies 001, Wu Chi-Tsung

布紋習作 001
Drapery Studies 001
Dimensions variable
Oil on canvas



Drapery Studies 005, Wu Chi-Tsung

布紋習作 005
50 x 30 x 8.8 cm
Drapery Studies 005
50 x 30 x 8.8 cm
Oil on canvas


Off the Map at Asian Arts Theatre Opening Festival
Gwangju, Korea



Set design by Wu Chi-Tsung


9.13 (Sun) 16:00 – 16:55
9.14 (Mon) 20:00 – 20:55 *
*Artist Talk


As a choreographer and dancer, Su Wen-chi has thought through the fundamentals of choreography, which she regards the frontier of dance. Leading her own dance company YiLab., Su contemplates on how the stage connects sensory and interpretative faculties of the body. This investigation begins with unbroken concentration on the body and the space.


In Off the Map, Su seeks visceral understanding of the interior of the body through external clues. By juxtaposing space and senses, she maps out the trajectories of inner monologue through bodily movements precisely in order to transgress their parameters. The body becomes the vehicle for transition to a different dimension of presence.


Photo © Lee Hsin-che

source: Opening Festival

Off the map performs at La Bâtie
—Festival de Genève, Switzerland



Première suisse / Création 2012
Durée : 55′

Set design by Wu Chi-Tsung

Version française du texte remis le soir du spectacle

FR    Wen-Chi Su est la révélation du moment. Cette jeune chorégraphe fait partie de la nouvelle génération d’artistes taïwanais qui déboule sur les scènes européennes. C’est dire qu’une halte à La Bâtie devenait nécessaire. Depuis quelques années, elle développe des formes expérimentales mêlant danse et nouveaux médias, miroir d’un monde oscillant entre tradition et modernité.
Dans Off the Map, Wen-Chi Su évolue seule sur une scène brillante, où son corps se reflète dans un subtil jeu de lumières, tandis que parvient à nos oreilles une bande-son murmurée. Lenteur et précision sont les maîtres-mots de ce solo pour un corps pétri de muscles saillants ; le plateau déforme la réalité, devenant un espace virtuel instable et flottant. La vulnérabilité de l’être éclate, avec délicatesse et habileté. L’humain est ainsi ; ce n’est pas trop de le dire.


EN    Young Taiwanese choreographer Wen-Chi Su is a rising contemporary star. In Off the Map, she dances alone in a subtle play of lights, her body reflected on the sparkling stage. Reality is transformed into a virtual, unsteady and weightless space. A wonderfully delicate solo.




source: La Bâtie—Festival de Genève

Off the map performs at Kalamata Dance Festival
Kalamata Greece


17.07 | FRI | 20:00
18.07 | SAT | 20:00


Length: 60′

Set design by Wu Chi-Tsung

Profoundly poetic and of hypnotic beauty, the performance Off the Map creates a space for contemplation in which viewers are invited to get away from their sense of time and reality for a while and get in touch with their inner self.


© Hsu Ping

© Hsu Ping

In a setting reminiscent of the immaterial light of dawn and every so often changing into sky, clouds, sea, or night, the female body is moving slowly, precisely and steadily. There is a constant whisper mapping perhaps her inner monologue – probably what motivates her body to go “off the map”. Her body: embodying all the history of Far-Eastern physicality and its characteristic profound spirituality; yet, a contemporary body in a mediated environment. A body vulnerable yet vigorous, incorporating all the fragility of the human in a fluid, ever-changing post-industrial world: a metaphor for the human condition today.


Wen-Chi Su belongs to a younger generation of Taiwanese, and broadly Far-Eastern artists, who grew up in a society torn between the pervading influence of tradition and the rapid growth of technology, consequently opening up to the Western way of living. These two contradictory facets are united in her work in a purely organic and poetic way. As dance and technology do. In fact, her own career testifies to that: She studied New Media Art in Taipei and went on to get a PhD in Drama, Theatre and Performance at the University of Roehampton, London. She has been showing her work since 2001 in many countries in the East and West, gradually earning her place in major festivals. In 2005, she founded YiLab, an experimental group of new media and performance artists, her vehicle for creating pieces which explore the relationship between the body and new media, and combine dance and performance with installation art and technology.


© Hsu Ping

© Hsu Ping

Concept/Choreography/Dancer: Wen-Chi Su
Text: Man-Nung Chou
Sound Design: Fu-Jui Wang
Stage Design: Chi-Tsung Wu
Lighting Design: Jan Maertens
Lights Assistant: Po-Hsin Liu, Yi-Chin Chang
New Media Technical Associate: Chen-Han Yang
Sound Assistant: Yi Lu
Text Translation: Nai-Yu Ker
Production Associate:
Ping Sun
Stage Manager: Ko-Yun Wu
Rehearsal/Production Assistant: An-An Hsieh
Still Photographer:
Ping Hsu, Hsin-Che Lee (MOT TIMES)

Premiere commissioned by: National Performing Arts Center, National Theatre & Concert Hall, Taiwan

Special thanks to the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan

Wen-Chi Su presents her work for the first time in Greece.


source: Kalamata Dance Festival