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Wu Chi-Tsung on Prudential Eye Awards 2015 Shortlist:
Best Emerging Asian Contemporary Artists

Prudential Eye Award 2015


The Prudential Eye Programme is pleased to announce the second edition of the Prudential Eye Awards, which will be presented at MasterCard Theatres – Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands on Tuesday, 20 January 2015. The integrated resort is the Official Partner for the Prudential Eye Awards.

A public exhibition of works by the shortlisted artists will be showcased at ArtScience Museum between 17 January and 31 March 2015. Launched in 2014, the prestigious annual Awards recognises the best emerging Asian contemporary artists as well as the leading exhibitions, galleries, institutions and art critics working to promote Asian contemporary art.

The second edition of the Prudential Eye Awards features 13 prizes, with six categories of Best Emerging Artist, using mediums such as digital/video, drawing, installation, painting, photography and sculpture. Each category winner will be awarded USD$20,000 and a specially commissioned trophy. Out of these six artists, one overall winner will be chosen for the prize of ‘Best Emerging Artist’, winning a further USD$30,000 and the opportunity to hold a solo exhibition at the renowned Saatchi Gallery in London.

Some 500 artists, nominated by over 100 art experts from across Greater Asia, submitted portfolios of their work earlier this year. Members of the Global Eye Academy, a newly introduced panel comprising the Awards founders, judges, previous winners and expert curators, selected the three most outstanding artists per award category. The Awards’ seven-member panel of judges will cast their votes to announce the winners for the 2015 Emerging Artist categories at the Prudential Eye Awards on 20 January 2015.


The shortlisted artists for Digital/Video:
teamLab (Japan)
Chim↑Pom (Japan)
Chitra Ganesh (India)

The shortlisted artists for Drawing:
Genevieve Chua (Singapore)
Ahmet Doğu İpek (Turkey)
Mithu Sen (India).

The shortlisted artists for Installation:
Donna Ong (Singapore)
Hannah Bertram (Australia)
Wu Chi-Tsung (Taiwan)

This category encompasses dream-like theatrical scenarios (Ong), ephemeral, temporal interventions post-pop (Bertram) and shadowy deconstructed cities (Chi-Tsung), all highlighting the best of Asian installation art.

The shortlisted artists for Painting:
Christine Ay Tjoe (Indonesia)
Amir Hossein Zanjani (Iran)
Arin Dwihartanto Sunaryo (Indonesia)

The shortlisted artists for Photography:
Seung Hee Hong (South Korea)
Sherman Ong (Malaysia/Singapore)
Khvay Samnang (Cambodia)

The shortlisted artists for Sculpture:
Kohei Nawa (Japan)
Ichwan Noor (Indonesia)
Meekyoung Shin (South Korea)

Judges for the second Prudential Eye Awards are Johnson Tsong-Zung Chang, curator, guest professor of China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, Director of Hanart TZ Gallery and Board Member of Asia Art Archive and Inter-Asia School; Serenella Ciclitira, Chair of the Judges and Founder Prudential Global Eye Programme; Nigel Hurst, Gallery Director and Chief Executive of Saatchi Gallery; Fumio Nanjo, Director of the Mori Art Museum; Mark Rappolt, Editor of Art Review and Art Review Asia; and Niru Ratnam, Global Eye Programme Director.
source: Prudential Eye Awards


Crystal City - Wu Chi-Tsung

水晶城市 Crystal City 006, dimensions variables, 2013

15 Artists About to Dominate 2015 by COMPLEX

15 Artists About to Dominate 2015

By Holly Howe on
Jan 12, 2015

Last November, Christie’s auction house in New York grossed the highest amount ever for a contemporary auction—$852.9 million across 75 lots. 319,000 people visited the Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney before the museum closed its doors to move to its new home in New York’s Meatpacking District. Another 110,000 visited the Serpentine Galleries in London to hang out with Marina Abramovic as she spent 512 hours in the gallery. Miley Cyrus and André 3000 jumped on the art band wagon at Art Basel Miami Beach last month; she brought her “Dirty Hippie” exhibition at the Raleigh Hotel with a performance while he exhibited the jumpsuits he had worn on the Outkast Festival Tour.

But what’s next? What will get the art hacks and celebrity commentators tongues wagging this year? How can you get a piece of the multi-billion dollar industry that is the art world? Here are our picks of 15 Artists About to Dominate 2015.


Wu Chi-Tsung
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

“Dust” / Image via Wu Chi-Tsung

Dust” / Image via Wu Chi-Tsung

Born and raised in Taiwan, Wu Chi-Tsung creates atmospheric dreamy works mixing photography, video and set design. He uses everyday materials to create installations that look at elements of urban environments. Wu has exhibited around the world, including the UK, China, Germany, Japan, and India. This month his work appears in the “Prudential Eye Awards” exhibition at ArtScience Museum, Singapore, which opens on Jan. 17 and runs until March 31, in the summer he has work in a group show in Luxembourg, and he will round off the year with a solo show in his hometown of Taipei.


Mark Andrew Webber
Location: Reading, England

“Berlin Map” / Image via Mark Andrew Webber

“Berlin Map” / Image via Mark Andrew Webber


Alex Seton
Location: Sydney

“A Paddle” / Image via Alex Seton

“A Paddle” / Image via Alex Seton


Antonio Santin
Location: Brooklyn

“Alicia” / Image via Antonio Santin

“Alicia” / Image via Antonio Santin


Nathaniel Rackowe
Location: London

“Black Shed Expanded” / Image via Nathaniel Rackowe

“Black Shed Expanded” / Image via Nathaniel Rackowe


Alexandra Pacula
Location: Brooklyn

Cascading Current” / Image via Alexandra Pacula

Cascading Current” / Image via Alexandra Pacula


Hormazd Narielwalla
Location: London

“Age of Romance” / Image via Hormazd Narielwalla

“Age of Romance” / Image via Hormazd Narielwalla


Franck de la Mercedes
Location: New York

“Silvina en el jardín de las poppies” / Image via Franck de la Mercedes


Sarah Maple
Location: Sussex, England

“Menstruate With Pride” / Image via Sarah Maple

“Menstruate With Pride” / Image via Sarah Maple


Ramon Maiden
Location: Barcelona

“Redemption” / Image via Ramon Maiden

“Redemption” / Image via Ramon Maiden


Marguerite Horner
Location: London

“Barrier” / Image via Marguerite Horner

“Barrier” / Image via Marguerite Horner

Conor Harrington
Location: London

“Punch and Judy Politics” / Image via Conor Harrington

“Punch and Judy Politics” / Image via Conor Harrington

Jonathan Paul Davies
Location: London

“Death following a young woman home one night” / Image via Jonathan Paul Davies

“Death following a young woman home one night” / Image via Jonathan Paul Davies


Terry Bradley
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland

“Cocktail Hour” / Image via Terry Bradley

“Cocktail Hour” / Image via Terry Bradley


Matthew Best
Location: Hartford, Conn.

#BurtReynolds” / Image via Matthew Best

#BurtReynolds” / Image via Matthew Best

source: 15 Artists About to Dominate 2015 on

Wu Chi-Tsung – one of The Top 10 Artists Under 35 in 2014

article excerpt:
The Top 10 Artists Under 35 in 2014
Dec 23, 2014

“The most extraordinary moment of 2014, for me, was winning the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize, which has been a longstanding dream of mine since my university days in London,” Richard Mosse, the 34-year-old photographer and filmmaker who tops this year’s list of most popular artists under 35, told Artsy. As with the rest of the artists below, whether selling out their first solo shows or stunning crowds with high auction prices, the 20- and 30-something lot of artists have garnered much attention in 2014, and the following names—hailing from New York, Brussels, Los Angeles, Cologne, and Taipei—reflect the artists, born post 1979, with the highest number of artist follows on Artsy this year.


1. Richard Mosse
b. 1980, live and works in Berlin.

Richard Mosse Peace Attack, Virunga National Park, North Kivu, 2012 Jack Shainman Gallery

Richard Mosse
Peace Attack, Virunga National Park, North Kivu, 2012
Jack Shainman Gallery


2. Lucien Smith
b. 1989, lives and works in New York.

Lucien Smith You've Got Mail, 2012 Moran Bondaroff

Lucien Smith
You’ve Got Mail, 2012
Moran Bondaroff


3. David Ostrowski
b. 1981, lives and works in Cologne.

David Ostrowski F (A thing is a thing in a whole which it’s not), 2014 Almine Rech

David Ostrowski
F (A thing is a thing in a whole which it’s not), 2014
Almine Rech


4. Wu Chi-Tsung
b. 1981, lives and works in Taipei.

Wrinkled Texture 005

Wu Chi-Tsung
Wrinkled Texture 005, 2012
Edouard Malingue Gallery
SOLD – HKD $20,000 – 30,000

One month into 2014 and Taiwanese artist Wu Chi-Tsung was celebrating the Lancaster edition of his traveling solo debut in the UK (split between Peter Scott Gallery and The Story in Lancaster), where some of his best-known landscapes, installations, and still life videos were on view. A highlight was his “Wrinkled Texture” photography series, Prussian-blue cyanotypes that have been crumpled and set in the sun, reimagining traditional Chinese landscape paintings. Finishing off the year, Wu has just been shortlisted for the Prudential Eye Awards, a prize granted to the best in emerging Asian contemporary artists to be announced January 2015.


5. Daniel Arsham
b. 1980, lives and works in New York.

Daniel Arsham Hollow Figure with Arms Out, 2014 Baró Galeria SOLD

Daniel Arsham
Hollow Figure with Arms Out, 2014
Baró Galeria


6. Sam Falls
b. 1984, lives and works in Los Angeles.

Sam Falls Untitled (Maze), 2014 Public Art Fund

Sam Falls
Untitled (Maze), 2014
Public Art Fund


7. Sam Moyer
b. 1983, lives and works in Brooklyn.

Sam Moyer After Clyfford II, 2014 Rachel Uffner Gallery

Sam Moyer
After Clyfford II, 2014
Rachel Uffner Gallery


8. Kadar Brock
b. 1980, lives and works in Brooklyn.

Kadar Brock mystic reagents iv, 2013-2014 Almine Rech

Kadar Brock
mystic reagents iv, 2013-2014
Almine Rech


9. Harold Ancart
b. 1980, lives and works in Brussels.

Harold Ancart Installation view Harold Ancart, "Eagle Mode" at VW (VeneKlasen/Werner), Berlin, 2013 VW (VeneKlasen/Werner)

Harold Ancart
Installation view Harold Ancart, “Eagle Mode” at VW (VeneKlasen/Werner), Berlin, 2013
VW (VeneKlasen/Werner)


10. Tauba Auerbach
b. 1981, lives and works in New York.

Tauba Auerbach Fold Slice Topo II, 2011 Senior & Shopmaker Gallery

Tauba Auerbach
Fold Slice Topo II, 2011
Senior & Shopmaker Gallery

source: Artsy

edge of light Wu chi sung

Edge of light 極光邊境

Collaboration with artist Chen Shu-chiang, commissioned by Taipei Railroad Culture Festival, Taipei Railway Workshop, Taipei, Taiwan
Motor, HID light, and found objects from Taipei Railway Workshop
80mL X 30mW X 15mH


80mL X 30mW X 15mH



“We come from a dark abyss, we end in a dark abyss, and we call the illuminous interval life.”

─Nikos Kazantzakis The Saviors of God


Edge of Light is the light and shadow installation collaboration of the two artists Chen Shu-Chiang and Wu Chi-Tsung. It is placed in the diesel-electric workshop of the Taiwan Railways Administration. The equipment, instruments, tools, and other objects from the past are scattered around the space. As the rail trolley, which is installed with lights, slowly moves, the flowing light and shadows project multiple imagery about the railways, the cities, the mountains and sea, the homeland and the foreign lands, and other unrecognizable things, revealing a journey which memories and imagination have become intertwined.

The railways move us from one end to the other. It represents the idea of leaving home, starting a new life, pursuing our ideals, and life and death. It carries our family love, friendship and romantic love. Moving back and forth, the interval of the two ends writes and develops the stories of different people continuously.



——卡山扎基 / 心靈演習

《極光邊境》(Edge of light)是藝術家陳淑強和吳季璁共同創作的光影裝置作品,使用台鐵數十年歷史的柴電工廠,空間中散置許多過去的設備、儀器、 鐵架、工具、和各式物品;當安裝上光源的軌道台車緩緩移動時,流動的光影映射出各種意像,關於鐵路、關於都市、關於山與海、本地與異鄉、還有許多不明所以的事物,展開一段記憶和想像交織的旅程。




edge of light Wu chi sung
edge of light Wu chi sung
edge of light Wu chi sung
edge of light Wu chi sung


Solo “Wu Chi-Tsung: Dust” has been listed as the week’s essential art shows in UK by The Guardian Guide



「吳季璁個展-灰塵」於英國雪菲爾Site Gallery,被英國最廣為閱讀的藝文參考指標《衛報》(The Guardian)藝文指南(The Guide)列為全英國當週必看的展覽之一。


Solo exhibition “Wu Chi-Tsung: Dust” in Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK has been listed as one of the week’s essential art shows in UK by The Guardian Guide.


As the viewer moves around the space, disturbing the airflow, the artist’s highly sophisticated equipment projects the movement of the otherwise invisibly displaced dust particles across the gallery walls in a mesmerising and endlessly changing light show. In an accompanying piece, the artist turns his focus on the enchantments of a nocturnal city. Lit solely by a single, slowly shifting light source, a series of commonplace transparent plastic boxes are silhouetted around the room to evoke a ghostlike cityscape. The Guardian Guide


image via Rachel Marsden

image via Rachel Marsden


image via Site Gallery

image via Site Gallery

wu chi tsung

Wheel of Life 輪迴

wu chi tsung

dimensions variable
full HD Cameras, full HD projectors

Full HD攝影機, Full HD投影機


Wheel of life / Samsara is the core view of life and cosmology of Buddhism, which refers to the endless cycle of reincarnation and perpetual transformation of consciousness within cause and effect, life and death, and the Six Realms (Heaven, Human, Asura, Animal, Hungry, Hell), without achieving Nirvana and breaking free form all sorts of troubles, pains, life and death, and cycle of existence.

The work borrows the concept of ‘Samsara’ to illustrate the excessive and countless message and images in our daily life, which are rapidly produced, replicated, and spread to weave a massive cycle of information, in which mind and consciousness seem to be trapped endlessly without escaping.

In the circular space, a number of cameras and projectors are interconnected. Cameras capture the images played by one projector; the recorded video is then transmitted to another projector to be broadcasted. The connected cameras and projectors form a massive feedback system. When audiences enter the space, they will be physically inside the cycle as their images are immediately captured, reproduced, and broadcasted.

「輪迴」(wheel of  life  / Samsara)是佛教核心的生命觀和宇宙觀,指意識在 因果、生死、以致六道(天、人、修羅、畜生、餓鬼、地獄)中無盡的循環轉世,不斷的轉換形態,不到「涅槃」(Nirvana),無法超脫種種煩惱、痛苦、生死、輪迴。



the Guardian to list Wu Chi-Tsung’s Solo as the week’s essential art shows in UK



吳季璁於英國曼徹斯特華人藝術中心(Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester)舉辦的首度英國個展「重新校準」(Recalibrate),被英國最廣為閱讀的藝文參考指標《衛報》(The Guardian)藝文指南(The Guide)列為全英國當週必看的三個展覽之一。
其他資料: 中央通訊社報導


Wu Chi-Tsung’s Solo exhibition “Recalibrate” has been listed as one of the three the week’s essential art shows in UK by The Guardian Guide.


“Taiwanese artist Wu Chi-Tsung is remarkable in his ability to adapt traditions of Chinese landscape ink painting and shadow puppetry to our contemporary world. The two installations here present visions of the manufactured and the natural. Crystal City 004 presents an architectural enchantment of constantly shifting city vistas as shadows move across the gallery walls, while Wrinkled Textures is a series of close-up studies of natural growths captured through cyanotype printing.” The Guardian Guide

WRO-wu chi tsung awards

Crystal City won Award in WRO International Media Art Biennale

WRO-wu chi tsung awards


吳季璁作品<<水晶城市>>獲得波蘭媒體藝術雙年展(WRO) 藝評與藝術雜誌編輯獎(2013)

Wu Chi-Tsung’s artwork Crystal City won the Award of Critics and Editors of Art Magazines: Edwin Bendyk, Grzegorz Borkowski, Oksana Forostyna, Machiko Kusahara, Marek Wasilewski in The WRO International Media Art Biennale 2013.




The WRO International Media Art Biennale is the major forum for new media art in Poland, and one of the leading international contemporary art events in Europe. Since its inception in 1989, WRO has been presenting art forms created using new media for artistic expression and communication. The array of exhibitions and presentations that make up every WRO Biennale feature a wide variety of genres and forms, including video art, installations, multimedia concerts and performances, interactive works, net and social-media projects.

WRO’s grand prize is 30 thousand zlotys. A Critics’ and Art Magazine Editors’ Prize is also awarded, along with a Public’s Choice Award.


CC002@Wu Chi-tsung Solo,IT Park,TW_2009_01_main
WRO event page:

Studio 工作室

studio 01


Readymade, Lime
dimensions variable




就是一種傳統工藝的裝飾性與現代美感形式過渡與融合的風格,如Glasgow的Mackintosh或Venice的Carlo Scarpa,都是我發想之初的參考;也加入了些許榫接和東方空間的穿透性元素。因為經營不善而結束,兩年後這組框架和桌子就回到我的工作室,伴隨我數年時間,許多的創作發想和製作過程,皆源於此。





studio 02


studio 03


studio 04


studio 05


studio 06


Perspective 透視

Video installation, photography

錄影 攝影

Perspective Video 001
HDV 1440 x 1080i



透視 攝影 001 Perspective Photo 001 Lambda雷射輸出 DF超亮麗相紙 60 cm x 90 cm 2008

Perspective Photo 001
攝影 001
60 cm x 90 cm


透視 攝影 002 Perspective Photo 002 Lambda雷射輸出 DF超亮麗相紙 60 cm x 90 cm 2008

Perspective Photo 002
攝影 002
60 cm x 90 cm


透視 攝影 003 Perspective Photo 003 Lambda雷射輸出 DF超亮麗相紙 60 cm x 90 cm 2008

Perspective Photo 003
攝影 003
60 cm x 90 cm


透視 攝影 004 Perspective Photo 004 Lambda雷射輸出 DF超亮麗相紙 60 cm x 90 cm 2008

Perspective Photo 004
攝影 004
60 cm x 90 cm


透視 攝影 005 Perspective Photo 005 Lambda雷射輸出 DF超亮麗相紙 60 cm x 90 cm 2008

Perspective Photo 005
攝影 005
60 cm x 90 cm



The central locus of my creative work has always been a discussion as to the real nature of images; how they are produced, perceived by viewers and the impact they have. However, the way in which this is executed has never been particularly disciplined or scientific, resembling something more akin to a game. Sometimes I experiment with just one part, or exchange some of the elements to see what changes that causes in the creation of images and whether there is anything of interest hidden inside.

A great deal of the depth of illusion created by pictures or images comes from the single point of perspective. In other words, all straight lines not parallel to the picture disappear into some point in the distance, almost as though space is being sucked into a bottomless hole. It was this view point that made me wonder what the viewable world would be like if there was no point of disappearance.

I guess it would be really flat.






Taipei Times: Artist Wu Chi-Tsung has been nominated for the Artes Mundi Prize, one of the world’s top art awards

Artes Mundi - Wu Chi-Tsung


藝術家吳季璁於世界最受矚目的藝術獎之一「Artes Mundi世界藝術獎」獲得提名

Young Taiwanese artist Wu Chi-Tsung is one of eight short-listed artists for the Artes Mundi Prize (Arts of the World) awarded by the National Museum, Cardiff, UK, the largest international prize awarded to an individual artist. This is the second year for the prestigious award and the first time for a Taiwanese artist to be nominated.

Wu, whose work is noteworthy for its exploration of imagery via video, photography and mechanical instal-lation, is currently exhibiting his art for the first time in the UK at the Artes Mundi exhibition that ends on May 7.

The eight selected artists — from India, Finland, South America, Europe and Taiwan — are regarded as having made significant contributions to the world’s understanding about the human condition. The prize will be awarded to one of the selected artists on March 31.
words by Susan Kendzulak
resource: Taipei Times

Artes Mundi 2 Selectors
Deepak Ananth, independent curator and lecturer in Art History at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Caen, France
Ivo Mesquita, Curator for Projeto Octógono, Pinacoteca do Estado, São Paulo, Brazil and Visting Professor, Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, New York, USA

Artes Mundi 2 Judges
Paolo Colombo, Curator of MAXXI, Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Rome, Italy
Thelma Golden, Deputy Director, Exhibitions and Programs, The Studio Museum, Harlem, USA
Gerardo Mosquera, independent curator and art critic, based in Havana, Cuba
Jenni Spencer-Davies, Curator, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea, Wales

Artes Mundi:

20040210 wuchitsung

long time exposed landscape 長時間曝光的風景

30 inch x 34 inch

20040210 wuchitsung







I truly believe that  photographing  is an instant., not for how fast the shutter can be, but the thin layer of  images. No matter where the layer attaches to, films, paper or screens, it  always looks like sort of slice.

All I try to say is, if  spending a day on a photo, the day becomes an instant.




self-portrait 自畫像

40 inch x 60 inch



No. 2



No. 3






Drawing my face with a flashlight for a couple minutes, then shooting with B shutter in the darkroom.

The idea of a “blurred face ” appeals to me deeply. I tried to grab or sketch my face through the light and images in the passage of time and motion, but it was such a mission impossible.






Wu Chi-Tsung 空氣動力學 set design

Aerodynamics 空氣動力學 set design

Set Design / WU Chi-tsung 舞台設計 吳季璁

Wu Chi-Tsung 空氣動力學 set design



Artistic Director:LIN Wen-chung
Company manager:TSAI Hsiao-ting
Choreography:LIN Wen-chun & dancers
Technical Coordination & Lighting Design:LEE Chun-yu
Set Design:WU Chi-tsung
Video Design:Ethan WANG
Music Design:LIN Kuei-ju
Costume Design:YANG Yu-teh
Dancers:LI Wei-han、LIN Pei-fen、TUNG Tsun-jen、LEE Tzu-ying、CHEN Hsin-yu、HSU Hui-chieh、HUANG Yung-huai、HO Tzu-ying、HUANG Yu-yuan、LEE Ya-jui、CHAN Chi-cheng、KE Chi-fai
Radio-controlled Plane Pilot:CHEN Chien-yang
Stage Manager:CHEN Chien-yu
Lighting Consultant:YU Li-fu
Promotional Video Director:CHEN Kuan-yu
Photograher:CHEN Chang-chih




在航空科學中,空氣動力學(Aerodynamics)是運算飛機與氣流間各種量力關係,如何能在空中飛行的物理定律。每次創作都像是一場身體實驗的編舞家林文中,以此科學方法為靈感,要將舞蹈動作與身體意象的結構過程,變成一種飛行的方式。 透過重組空間與時間的立體向度,微觀肌肉運動的細節,研發動作與動力如何離開地面,形成升空、暫留、恆速、滑翔、翻轉、漂浮等各種身體樣態。同時將舞蹈類比人類對抗引力的欲望,在物理與心理空間中折返,引發身體動力學的無限詩意與想像。



Wu Chi-Tsung 空氣動力學 set design


Wu Chi-Tsung 空氣動力學 set design


Wu Chi-Tsung 空氣動力學 set design


Wu Chi-Tsung 空氣動力學 set design


Wu Chi-Tsung 空氣動力學 set design


Wu Chi-Tsung 吳季璁

Off The Map 身體輿圖 set design

Wu Chi-Tsung was invited to “World Stage Design 2013”, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff, UK (2013) for the set design work of “Off the map.”
2013年 吳季璁所設計《身體輿圖》舞台入圍英國世界劇場設計展


© Ping Hsu

© Ping Hsu



Profoundly poetic and of hypnotic beauty, the performance Off the Map creates a space for contemplation in which viewers are invited to get away from their sense of time and reality for a while and get in touch with their inner self.

In a setting reminiscent of the immaterial light of dawn and every so often changing into sky, clouds, sea, or night, the female body is moving slowly, precisely and steadily. There is a constant whisper mapping perhaps her inner monologue – probably what motivates her body to go “off the map”. Her body: embodying all the history of Far-Eastern physicality and its characteristic profound spirituality; yet, a contemporary body in a mediated environment. A body vulnerable yet vigorous, incorporating all the fragility of the human in a fluid, ever-changing post-industrial world: a metaphor for the human condition today.


作品概念 、編舞 、舞蹈演出 Concept, choreography & dance / 蘇文琪 Su Wen-Chi

聲音創作與裝置 Sound design and devices / 王福瑞 Wang Fu-Jui

舞台設計 Stage design / 吳季璁 Wu Chi-Tsung

文字創作 Text / 周曼農  Chou Man-Nung

燈光設計 Lighting design / Jan Maertens(迷幻英雌燈光設計)








Wu chi tsung 吳季璁



Wu chi tsung 吳季璁







2015.9.13-14      韓國 – 亞洲藝術劇院開幕藝術節
2015.9.6-7          瑞士 – 拉巴蒂藝術節
2015.7.16-17      希臘 – 卡拉瑪塔舞蹈節
2015.5.26-29      比利時 – KunstenFestivaldesArts
2012.11.13-14    高雄 – 數位表演藝術節
2012.10.19-21    台北 – 國家實驗劇場


Touring History
2015.9.13-14      Asian Arts Theatre Opening Festival, Korea
2015.9.6-7          La Bâtie-Festival de Genève, Swissland
2015.7.16-17      Kalamata Dance Festival, Greece
2015.5.26-29      KunstenFestivaldesArts, Belgium
2012.11.13-14    Digital Performing Arts Festival, Taiwan
2012.10.19-21    Experimental Theater (NTCH), Taiwan